Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon!!

I was talking to Amber earlier today and she was asking me if we had gotten any snow yet. She was telling me that her friend (Nic) said they had 2-3 inches overnight on the other side of the state. I said no, thankfully, just rain. Although we did have a thunderstorm during the night but the only reason I knew that was because Charlie was shaking up a storm and had to lay up against me. I felt like I was in a vibrating bed! That went on for about an hour, long after the thunder had stopped. So about an hour ago our rain finally turned over to snow and we are getting quite a coating.

I don't think much is predicted but you just hate to see it once Spring has sprung. I'm starting to see a few tulips and other bulbs peeking out of the soil now and they don't like the snow.

The best part is that it probably won't stick around as I think it's supposed to be about 50 tomorrow. That should take care of the snow.

Friday night was bowling again. We bowled against good friends of ours and we always seem to bring out the best in them. We were still ahead by 1 point in the league. We won the first game and then the second and had 83 more points. They got us the last game but only by 11 so I didn't feel too bad as we still took 3 points. The second place team took 3 also so we are still one up on them. We don't bowl for another month now as we are taking Good Friday off. The next bowling will be position night and we will bowl the second place team. Guess we better get down to the bowling alley and practice in the next 4 weeks!!

Not much else was going on this weekend. Yesterday we hung around the house and ran out here and there doing errands. I walked the pups up to the high school field and let them run a bit. They were so happy to get out.

Today we weren't able to get outside because of the rain so instead I took them for a little drive in the car. Fun, but not the same.

Tomorrow is a record day; we have work but no kids. Then Tuesday and Thursday from 4-7 we have conferences. Wednesday night I have Bunco! It's going to be a busy week. This is the last week before Spring Break! I am SO counting down!!

This is what the trees looked like after our inch of snow.

And we all know that no blog entry would be complete without pictures of you-know-who!!

Have a good week!

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