Saturday, February 21, 2009

Still Winter...

Just in case you were wondering, it's still winter here in Michigan. All the weather man has been talking about for days was the upcoming Winter Storm Warning!! Be afraid, be very afraid.

They were predicting 4-8 inches of snow, it was gonna be bad, all day, from 7 to 7! Howard finally took his new snow blower out around 6:00 for the 2 or 3 inches we actually got!

We enjoyed our long weekend visit with Amber & Andy. Howard got many of the things accomplished that Amber and Andy had on their list. He put up 7 blinds, hung curtains and a new dining room light.

We made several trips to Home Depot trying to get just the right programmable thermostat and after replacing several he was having no luck. The darn heater just wouldn't work with the thermostat's he installed.

Then finally on the last night he was installing a really fancy one and "pop", then we started smelling a funny smell. Something was officially wrong and was not going to be fixed that night. They ended up having to call a repairman who thankfully was available by 9:00 the next morning, before we had to head for the airport. The blown transformer thingy was replaced and the thermostat installed. Apparently some wires had touched that weren't supposed to and it shorted out the transformer thingy, or something like that. Bottom line, Amber and Andy now have a programmable thermostat and all is right in their condo! Amber and I measured curtains and took the easy way out by using that iron-on sticky tape stuff. That worked great and the curtains looked perfect!

While most of our time was spent around the condo working on projects we did venture out to dinner a couple nights. The first night we were there we went into Georgetown to a place called Surfside. They are known for their made-to-order burritos and salads. Georgetown was quite crowded and it took us a while to get through town. It looked like a nice little place to go back to visit some day, maybe in warmer weather. Monday night we went to a nice restaurant inside the fancy mall. It was just nice spending time together, seeing where they live, work and the places they go. Their place is in a nice building, great location and it's very comfy and homey inside, with a nice kitchen and really big bathrooms and two nice size bedrooms. It's perfect for them!

Tuesday morning Amber dropped us off at the airport and everything went smoothly. Our flight was only an hour and six minutes. The ride on the commuter flight was smooth and I think loading and retrieving baggage was actually quicker with less people on the plane! Just before we landed I snapped these pictures of Detroit.

These two were taken when we took off from Dulles. I think the one with the river is the Potomac. It was quite long though I couldn't tell where it started or went from the air.

I love taking pictures from a plane but apparently you aren't supposed to do that as just before we landed I was chastised for not having my "electronics device" turned off. I wasn't aware a camera was considered an "electronics device" but apparently anything with an on/off button is considered just that! Oops!

So, that was our trip. Amber thought I was bored but I really wasn't. I enjoyed catching up on my blog reading and helping where I could, though there wasn't that much for me to do this trip.

Oh Tyler, Andy said to tell you he's really enjoying your glasses!

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