Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hawaii - Day 11 - New Year's Day

Our first day of the new year was spent at the beach! Can't beat that! It was finally a nice day on the Winward side so Amber and Andy went kayaking out to The Mokes while the rest of us went to Lani Kai Beach. I just love Lani Kai. You have such a nice view of The Mokes from there.

Speaking of The Mokes, I just had to put these pictures Scott took of them and of Kailua and Lani Kai from the day he hiked to the bunker with Ty, Amber and Andy. The colors were just so beautiful! I wish I had hiked up there just to take a picture like these! Amazing!

We tried to see Amber and Andy but it was just too far away. It was gorgeous, not windy at all like it had been every other time we'd gone there. We stayed there a couple hours before it was time to head back to the house for lunch.

After lunch we walked down to Kailua Beach and hung out there. Scott got in his last day of body surfing. He was having a good time all by himself.

Amber & Andy joined us there later. There were all kinds of dogs up and down the beach that day. That was so shocking at first, seeing all these dogs, most off leash, parade up and down the beach with their owners.

Around 4:00 we headed back to the house to get ready to go over to Waikiki for dinner. We also needed to drop some things off at Tyler's apartment, like his new grill we gave him that we had bought to use at the house and all the leftover groceries we weren't going to be eating.

When we left Tyler's we headed down to Waikiki to this restaurant called Cheeseburger in Paradise. All the sides of the restaurant were open and the breeze was nice. The food was pretty good too. Of course, we all had some type of Cheeseburger!

We enjoyed our last beach day in Hawaii but the day didn't start out so well. Before we even left for the beach disaster struck! At least for me it was a disaster! After packing my beach bag I place it either on a bar stool or the counter, can't remember which, and returned to the bedroom for something. From the bedroom I heard a crash and a crunch! When I rushed back out there it was my beach bag and the crunch I had heard was my LCD screen on my brand new camera cracking! I was sick. I just couldn't believe it! Thankfully the camera still worked through the viewfinder but the screen was a goner! Miraculously, since then, I have sent the camera off to Sony and unbelievably they fixed it for now charge, no questions asked! It only cost me $6.00 for shipping via UPS. It's working good as new now.

After dinner we headed back to Kailua to start packing as we had to be out of the house by 10:00 the next morning. It was almost over! :-(

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