Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where do I begin...

One of my hobbies lately has been reading other people's blogs. Some of the blogs have to do with gardening (real gardening, not just tomatoes in pots), people who own horses (not sure why, maybe because I always wanted to own a horse and never really have), people who live in interesting cities, like Albuquerque, people trying to live a greener life and who like to share their ideas, blogs like that. As I read them I usually find them interesting and sometimes entertaining. It makes me feel that I really don't have that much to say. Life here is pretty mundane. Sure, we do lots of stuff but none of it really seems that interesting. But I do have to keep my 3 loyal readers up on the day to day (or week to week) activities of The Mitchells here in Michigan. So, here we go.
Last weekend Howard and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. There were beautiful roses: a red for each year and a white one for the year to come. Then we drove to downtown Detroit to have dinner at Andiamo's. A couple months ago Howard had received a nice gift certificate from work so we decided to use it. Dinner was delicious. They had a special of two glasses of wine and two five course dinners for only $49.95!

Amber and Andy have finally found their new home!! The contracts have been signed, inspection conducted, contractors (for new floors and countertops) contacted and they will have their closing in just a little over a month from now. It's a condo in Falls Church, only a short walk to the metro which is a must for Andy as he takes that to work every day. Hopefully Amber's drive will be a little shorter too. I know Amber (and I'm sure Andy) will enjoy making this place into a home of their own. We are so happy for them and can't wait to visit!

Tyler is very busy with his classes and hasn't had much time for work. Apparently he's so darn busy he can't even manage to take one picture with the camera we so generously gave him for Christmas last year! He calls us on his way to the bus stop occasionally. I can't wait until we visit him in a couple months so I can see all the places he goes and exactly what he does do there living in paradise! We have a house reserved in Kailua for the 10 days. Tyler tells us that is a nice area, away from the tourists and crowds. The house even has it's own pool which will be nice!

Scott has also started his fall classes. He has classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and starts early. Because of the rush hour traffic he has to leave the house by 7:15 to make his 8:00 o'clock classes. He says it's worth it to have class on just 3 days and to have two days off to work on homework.

Howard is enjoying these last few weeks (when it doesn't rain) of driving his convertible. He won't take the car out in the rain if he can help it. He managed to take an afternoon off the play golf last week too!

While it seems my life is boring, I have been busy! School is off to a good start. I work in almost every grade on any given day, except 3rd, though I do work one-on-one with one third grader. As of October 1 I'm a permanent employee and am now eligible for benefits! For the first time in the 14 years I have worked at this school I get insurance if I want it. If you don't take it they give you cash. What a great deal! I was never one to believe in unions but I guess in this instance they can do some good. I bought these new tennis shoes today because my feet are killing me! I'm hoping these babies do the trick and I can walk without pain soon.

I did manage to do some baking this weekend. I'm still working on perfecting that perfect loaf of rustic bread. This one sure looks closer to what I'm aiming for but the proof will be when I slice 'er up. This recipe is for a "no knead" bread that's been altered a little with rosemary and olive oil. At least it looks pretty. I baked this one in my french oven. It makes the crust nice and crunchy.

This is my famous (ok, not famous but at least much talked about since I took it to school last week for a pot luck lunch and some people raved about it while others, including one of my closest teacher friends, complained that she didn't even get a bite) Rosemary Focaccia Bread. I felt so bad that she didn't get a piece, especially since earlier in the day I promised to save her one and then promptly forgot, that I decided to make another one and bring her the piece I promised her, plus pieces for other people who said they heard it was wonderful but it was gone by the time they got to lunch! It's so good that several people asked me for the recipe. While I would like to give them the recipe this is one of those dishes that you can count on that no one else will bring so if you give everyone the recipe it's no longer special as now anyone can bring it! What should I do? Give them the recipe? Hold out?

Here's Zoe and Charlie waiting for their breakfast of eggs and toast.

The weather was nice so we took them to the high school field both days this weekend. We hadn't been able to get out in a few days because of rain so they really needed it.

We also made a trip to the pet store for some new toys as Charlie has pretty much ripped the stuffing out of all his old ones. They just don't make them tough enough for him. At least he's chewing toys and not chewing the wood on the stair case or chewing up my rugs.

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