Friday, October 31, 2008

Leaving for Cali today...

I will be leaving for California today around noon. I've waited to visit my Dad until he and Ingrid felt it was time. A few weeks ago Ingrid finally said she thought I should come. I wanted to go this summer but they somehow felt that my coming would mean there was no hope that my Dad would recover, that I would be coming to say good-bye.
Sadly, his condition has worsened in the 3 weeks since I made my airline reservation and yesterday he was hospitalized after a fall. Ingrid has her hands full as she has made herself completely responsible for his care and I'm sure it's quite overwhelming.
From what Ingrid has told me he is in quite a bit of pain though won't take anything stronger than Vicodin. The masses in his chest are now pressing on his bronchials so it's become hard to breathe and also pressing on his esophogus so he can't really eat, only drink. He sleeps much of the time but still keeping fighting. His will to live is strong, considering he's been battling this lung cancer, already at Stage 4 when diagnosed, for 15 months now. It' so sad. He's only 74 years old and up until a few years ago seemed so strong and full of life.
I'm only staying for the weekend and will fly back to Michigan on Monday. I usually love going to California. I'm sure this visit will be quite different.

My Dad and I, a few years ago during happier times...

Have a safe and happy weekend.

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