Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Summer Weekend...

Tomorrow it will be official, Summer will be over and it will be Fall. We've already had some signs of fall, the biggest is the cooler night temps. It's really nice sleeping weather! There have been a couple other signs though, like this leaf

and this Hydrangea.

The tomatoes are hanging on though I still have a lot of green ones that I don't think will make it to red before the first frost in a few weeks.

I found this guy yesterday on a chair out on the back deck. I've found him a couple other times on a folding chair. He disappears for a couple weeks and then I discover him again. I've never seen one quite like him.

Yesterday we took Howard's Mustang, top down, to the Farmer's Market to stock up on a few more veggies. That place has been so crowded lately. We bought potatoes, carrots, peaches, grapes and some nice lettuce. From there we headed to our annual Art in the Park craft show. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we really enjoyed walking around. I bought this beautiful silver plated vase in the Antique Tent. Can you believe it was only $12.00? I thought that was quite the buy and didn't even haggle. It was for a good cause anyway, to support the local Antique Society. I thought my beautiful Cosmos and the last of the Zinnias looked beautiful in it!

Here's the Cosmo still in the garden. They are just the prettiest flowers! I wish I had a better place to showcase them as they kind of get lost in my flower bed with all the other stuff.

And my favorites, the Hummers were out in full force this weekend. I caught this first guy yesterday morning when the sun wasn't quite up. He looked like he was taking a little early morning nap.

This one was taken a little later in the morning.

Then today I really lucked out! I was at the sink and just happened to have my camera on the counter next to me when I saw this guy hitting the flowers. This morning when I filled up the feeder I had a little extra sugar water and drizzled it on these flowers. This guy kept coming back for a sip!

I will be really sorry to see these beautiful birds fly south for the winter in a month or so. Until then I'll keep the feeder full!

And because we had no rain this weekend and absolutely gorgeous weather, we were able to take the pups to the park both days. They were so happy. They also got to spend a lot of time out on the deck! Charlie was bringing in leaves and acorns all weekend!

I'm hoping we have a few more nice days before Winter roars in because even though the calendar will say Fall for 3 months, we'll be lucky if we don't see snow before that! Until then I'm gonna enjoy the last of the flowers and birds and other things that remind me of summer.

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