Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dark, damp, dreary weekend...

It's been raining for 3 days. On Friday a cold front started coming through. It rained from Friday evening until Saturday night, really hard at times. Yesterday we took a quick trip to the farmer's market and even though it wasn't closing time, they were packing up early. The usual crowds had stayed home. Today it rained all day, heavy at times, as the remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through. Yuk.
Last weekend was Scott's 20th birthday. Rather than the fancy iPod he wanted, he got a new fancy schmancy calculator for school, which he's really going to need because he's taking Algebra.

Tyler's started another semester in Hawaii. He's also been helping us check out places to rent during the Christmas holiday. I guess a lot of people travel to Hawaii during the holidays. Many places I've inquired about are already taken. I think we've finally got one though. We're in the final negotiations. Sadly, it's not "on" the beach. Those places are ridiculously expensive. Instead we'll opt for a place with a pool within walking distance to the beach.

Amber and Andy are still house hunting. I just know they are going to find their dream house soon! Or dream condo, or dream townhouse. Tomorrow they will celebrate their first wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been a year already! One whole year of wedded bliss! Happy Anniversary Amber & Andy!!

A few days ago I saw this little guy at the feeder. It won't be long before they head south for the winter. Today the feeder was particularly busy and apparently last night something had been sipping at it because it was half empty. One little bird kept trying and trying to get his beak far enough down to get some nectar. I finally had to make a new batch and brave the pouring rain to go out and refill it. He was flying all around from flower to flower until I got the feeder refilled. Then he landed for a nice long drink.

Here's what the pups did this weekend, a lot of laying around. Too soggy for walks or time at the park. We had to force them out just to take care of their business.

Guess that's about it for news around here. I guess we're getting into the boring season. Maybe I should start blogging about politics!! That'll liven things up!!

Have a good week!

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