Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back From Florida...

We are back, tan and rested! When we got there Saturday things weren't looking so good, weather-wise that is. Amber was already at the airport when we arrived. We made a quick stop at Havana Village for our favorite Cuban sandwiches and then headed over to the beach. We had about 1/2 hour out by the pool and then it started pouring! It wasn't letting up so Amber and I decided we might as well go to the grocery store. It rained off and on all that afternoon and evening. The next morning things were looking up. Good thing too as we were expecting lots of company and they were all planning on swimming! The weather cooperated and we had a great time. Howard's brother, Bo and his wife and kids came, his sister Sharon and her boyfriend, Mike and our long-time friend Mike came too.

Howard, Lilly and Stokes

Amber with Lilly and Stokes

Kim, Bo and Sharon

Maitland Jane

Sharon and her boyfriend, Mike

We enjoyed hot dogs and other unhealthy foods out by the pool. Bo and his family and Sharon stayed until around 5:00 then they had to go home as they had school and work the next day. Mike stayed a little longer and treated us to dinner at Sea Critters, a nice little restaurant on the channel side of Passe Grille.

It was great catching up with everyone and seeing our nieces and nephew and seeing how fast they are growing. We all enjoyed some pool time with them. It brought back memories of when our kids were little and played in the very same pool.
Amber had to leave Monday evening so we made another stop at Havana Village on the way to the airport for more Cuban sandwiches! We really loved spending time with Amber for 3 whole days!

She went back home to Andy tan and rested too!
The only other time we left the beach was to go to Tampa to have dinner with Howard's step-mother, Catherine. We took her to a nice little Italian restaurant.
As nice as it was to relax and swim and sun bathe, it was good to get home to our quiet life here in Michigan. Scott managed to keep everything alive and as far as I can tell he didn't have any wild parties. The pups were happy to see us and shadowed me for most of the evening. We both missed Scott and I think Howard missed his Mustang as much as I missed my doggies! We had to take it out for a spin, top down, shortly after we got home. We drove it again today to the Farmer's Market. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. So much nicer than Florida! It was way too hot and muggy down there for my tastes! Michigan in the summer is the best!

Amber and Andy are in Michigan this weekend. They flew into Detroit last night and then drove over to Muskegon to visit Andy's family. They will be stopping by here on Monday before they head back to the airport Monday evening. It will be great seeing Andy as we haven't seen him since Christmas! I haven't told Charlie yet. I want it to be a surprise for him.

Plus I don't want him bugging me every 5 minutes asking if Andy's almost here!! That can be so annoying!

I did tell Zoe though. Don't worry, she can keep a secret!!

Just a warning Andy, don't wear your best clothes as Charlie will be all over you!!


animalazul said...

I just have to say that you have two beautyful dogs!!

Deb said...

Thanks! I think so too!! You can probably tell that from the amount of pictures I take of them!!