Friday, August 22, 2008

Heading South...

We are heading south tomorrow, to St. Pete

to Camelot. We haven't been there in 3 years, since Katrina was moving up the Gulf towards Louisiana.

Now it's Fay, heading away hopefully and not doing quite as much damage. We are hoping that the clouds and rain will be on their way out by the time we get there.

Amber is flying down tomorrow also but just for the weekend. We are planning a week of visiting family and friends and just relaxing at the beach or by the pool. We thought we lost Camelot 2 years ago. The previous Board didn't pay the taxes though we were paying them so the place was sold by the County for back taxes. The company that bought the place proceeded to wreck it when they got wind of the fact that the owners weren't going to accept this and started fighting to get it back. After many legal showdowns and special assessments, we were victorious in the Supreme Court and Camelot is ours once again, with a new Board in place and much better communications. We are going down to check the place out and see how well our money has been spent.

Scott will stay here and pup sit. He has one more week until school starts and all his friends are either at school already or not back from vacation so he'll be able to give Zoe and Charlie all his attention! I pray they survive with not too much trauma. I've left him a detailed list from pups to fish to tomato plant watering. We'll see what survives the 6 day trial!

Have a great week!!

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