Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Beautiful Weekend...

We enjoyed another beautiful weekend here in Michigan. We found quite a few excuses to take the Mustang out and ride around with the top down. I love going about 40mph but anything over that and my hair is flying all over the place!! I'm gonna have to find something to help tame it, hat, scarf, pony tail, something!

One of the places we drove to was Best Buy. I've been wanting to buy a flat screen TV for the bedroom that has HD. I finally managed to convince Howard this would be a good idea. Here he is installing the beauty!!

And here he is watching it! I wanted to watch it but I was too busy baking dog cookies! What can I saw, we were out!! The pups needed their goodies! They appreciated it and Howard looks like he was enjoying himself!

We've just been hanging around the house otherwise. Howard had to mow the lawn because our Champion Lawn Mower (Scott) is still up north. And remember that snake I found in the flower bed a couple months ago? I didn't really mind the snake but I distinctly remember telling Howard that while I didn't mind the snake I sure hoped it wouldn't have any babies because after I discovered the snake I did a little research and found that this kind of snake has anywhere from 12 to 20 babies!! That's a lot of snakes. So anyway, back to the mowing yard story. While mowing Howard ran over two of these!

There wasn't much left of them. Plus I did discover a live one the other day when I was moving one of my tomato pots. Yikes! Hopefully they won't live through the winter?? One can hope.
We took the pups to the park today around noon. It was very warm! I wanted to take them early because tonight we are going to another concert.

Zoe, gettin' some air!

Charlie on the run (trying to catch Zoe)

Charlie is doing a little better. We were able to take him into the big field without him running back to the car. He's been spooked since he heard some fireworks in the distance a month ago. Today he played with no problems!
After the park we just hung out on the deck since it was such a beautiful afternoon.

I was lucky to get these pictures because something is up with my camera! I guess I've worn it out in just under a year! It just won't hold the setting I put it on and reverts to a different one. I missed a couple good shots of Charlie finally getting the frisbee mid-air because the camera wouldn't cooperate!
Ok, gotta get dinner and then we're off to see Chris Isaak! Can't wait! I've always wanted to see him. We almost saw him once when he opened for another act but arrived just as he was singing his last song! :-( That's not gonna happen tonight as we are gettin' there early!!

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