Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy May!! :-)

It was a very nice weekend here in Michigan. We had a little rain yesterday but it was needed so we can't complain and it didn't stay around too long. Friday night my friend Cindy, who now lives in Florida but used to live in Michigan, called to say she was in town and we had a nice dinner together, along with a few other friends. Saturday we just stayed around the house catching up on chores like laundry! I'm so behind.
My flowers and perrenials are coming up nicely. With all the warm weather we've had the tulips aren't lasting too long. Earlier this week I had to cover them to protect them against the frost and now the heat is getting to them.

These tulips open and close each day. In the evening they close almost completely. Behind the tulips is a Clematis I planted last year. It's really doing well this year.

This is our Dogwood tree. This is the second year in a row it's managed to bloom without the frost getting to it.
Today Howard and I walked the dogs up to the high school field so they could run around. We didn't bring the Frisbee so it took them a while to figure out what they should do. Zoe spent her time herding Charlie around. He was enjoying it eventhough he didn't really know what he was doing!
When we got home we spent a little time relaxing on the deck taking pictures of birds. You would think I was pointing a gun at them instead of a camera, the Cardinals especially. They won't even come around when I have the camera out. I thought this little Goldfinch looked cute among the flowers.

The pansies are doing well.

Amber and Andy put a bid in on a Condo yesterday but today found out that there were two other contracts on the place and another one was accepted. They were disappointed but will keep looking until they find the perfect place!
Tyler is trying to find a new place to live also. He and two of his buddies are searching for a place now. He will be studying for finals for the next week or so.
Scott is finished with school until the Fall. He's enjoying his "vacation" for a few days until Howard and I come up with a list of projects for him to start on around the house.
This blog wouldn't be complete without a couple pics of my pups. They were quite photogenic today. Look at this sweet little girl!

She was begging me to go in the house and get her dinner started!
This is how they looked when we got back from our walk. Weekends are hard on them as I'm up and moving around all day and they can't just lay down and take a nap. When I get up and move they follow me wherever I go.

So, another weekend is over and it's back to the grind tomorrow. Only 28 more days until school is out!

Two more pictures for the road!! Have a great week!!

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