Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day - 2008

It was a "picture perfect" weekend here in Michigan. Absolutely gorgeous weather, perfect temperature, sunny, breezy, perfect! Saturday morning Howard and I headed down to Eastern Market. I had always heard about it and how great it was but had just never gone. They certainly had a lot of flowers and plants and also lots of fruits and vegetables. The place was big and crowded! We didn't buy much though. The flats weren't any cheaper than we get at the local nursery and I like the colors at the local nursery better. I only needed petunias and impatiens and my local nursery has beautiful mixes for the same price. I did buy some brown organic eggs though and Howard bought some nectarines. Later in the day we walked up to the high school with the dogs and let them have a nice run.
Sunday morning I went to the nursery to buy the flowers and spent the afternoon planting. Howard and Scott were trimming dead branches out of the trees and now the yard looks so nice. Howard pointed out this little guy in my front flower bed.

At first he freaked me out, especially when I saw him return to his home under our porch step. When I told Scott about this he said he had seen him there before! Thanks for telling me, Scott!!

Sunday night Howard and I went to see Ironman at the movies. It was a pretty good movie.
Today I relaxed a little and then later in the afternoon I took the pups up to the high school field. The sprinklers were watering different sections so we played frisbee in the sections where they weren't watering. It was only about 80 degrees but with all the running around the dogs were really getting hot!

Look at the size of those tongues!!
Finally we went around to the section with the sprinklers and Zoe ran right up to one for a drink. What she did next really shocked me! And this is what she looked like!

I guess she was hot! She really seemed to enjoy herself.

This is what she looked like when she was finished getting her drink! Much cooler!
Even though Charlie was watching and trying, he never quite got the hang of drinking from the sprinkler.

When I got home I finished planting my petunias in the front flower bed and then got busy watering and fertilizing. I walked up to check my roses and this is what I saw!

He was back! I guess since we now have a garden snake we'll have to name him because he doesn't look like he'll be leaving any time soon. I told Howard I don't really mind him (or her) hanging around but I'm not crazy about the fact that I learned they can have 12-40 babies! I don't want that many around!
All in all we had a lovely weekend. We finished it off with a cook-out tonight, just Howard, Scott and I. We had burgers and hot dogs and corn on the cob, yum! Bring on summer!!
Here's one more picture of Charlie. I thought he looked especially handsome in this shot!

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