Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nice Weekend...

It was a fairly nice weekend, not too warm but not cold either except a little windy on Saturday. I took the pups to the high school field Saturday afternoon for some frisbee playing. In this picture Charlie forgot to apply the brakes and did a little flip. If you click on the picture you can see it better.

They do enjoy themselves out there and will play and play until I have to force them to stop. Usually when Zoe lays down I figure they've had enough and we head for home.

Friday night was our last bowling. They call it Position Night because after that game they are able to figure out what position you will end up in. When we started we were 2 points out of last place, 15th out of 16. Thankfully we pulled out 3 points against the last place team so we could finish 15th or possibly a little better. In two weeks will be our "Fun Night" and then it's over for another year.
Saturday while I was at the park Howard whipped up on the yard and mowed for the first time this year. We haven't had any rain but the grass is greening up nicely. My tulips are blooming and I can't believe I forgot to go out while it was still light and take a picture! I'll have to do that tomorrow after school. The weather is supposed to cool down this week and only be in the 40's and 50's. That's quite a difference from the 79 last Friday!
This afternoon I went to lunch with a couple friends and then to a movie. We saw "Smart People". It was ok, a bit slow. The theater only had about 8 people in it, including us, and towards the end I could hear someone breathing heavily a few rows behind us. Before long they were snoring! Guess they really found the movie slow!
Now for an update on the family because someone commented that lately all I seem to write about are Zoe & Charlie! What can I say, I lead a dull life I guess.
Amber and Andy have been house hunting again. They still haven't found the perfect place yet but they keep trying. Things are really expensive there and they are trying to get the most for their money. They are both doing well in their jobs though Andy works a lot of long days and weekends.
Tyler is plugging along with school, work and trying to find a place to live for the summer and next fall. His roommates are going their separate ways so they will be giving up their apartment in June. Tyler is planning to take a class or two this summer and to keep working at the health food store.
Scott finished up his classes last week with 4 finals. I think he's really glad to be finished. While he does keep plugging along he doesn't always seem to enjoy school. I'm trying to talk him into another part-time job so he can really make some money. So far that isn't having much impact. He's also trying to plan a trip to visit Amber and Andy sometime before Scamp starts at the end of June.
So, that's about all the news. Howard's work is the same, non-stop; works all day, works all night. My job hasn't been too enjoyable lately. We work with some difficult students and they have been extremely difficult lately. I hate to say I'm counting the days until summer vacation, but there, I said it. I've been told that things won't be like this next year so we will see. It's really hard at this time of year anyway. The weather turns nice, the kids just want to be outside, they don't want to be in the classroom anymore. It becomes harder and harder to keep them on task! Summer vacation is right around the corner. After all, the first day of May is Thursday!!

Have a great week!!

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