Sunday, March 30, 2008

We Found Spring!!

We found Spring, unfortunately we were only able to visit it!! It's a 10 hour drive and 540 miles south of Michigan! We did get to enjoy it for a couple days though. Long enough for Howard to get in a round of golf with LeeRoy. Long enough for me to take a couple walks and admire flowers and enjoy warmer breezes and a little sunshine!!

Weeping willows

Daffodil in Aunt Elaine's garden

Flowering pear trees Uncle LeeRoy planted

Pussy Willow in the yard
We had a nice, easy drive south, through Indianapolis and Louisville and stopped the first night in Elizabethtown, KY. We took our time the next morning and arrived in Celina around noon on Tuesday. After touring the homestead and meeting the various four-legged family members, we headed inside for a nice visit.





The house LeeRoy & Elaine built

An interesting fact about the property Uncle LeeRoy and Aunt Elaine own is that it contains a cemetery. Many years ago the county "Poor House" was near their land. When people died they were buried in unmarked graves in the Poor House Cemetery. There are just rocks jutting up out of the ground to mark the sites or the ground might be slightly caved in. The only readable marker was this one.

Apparently Elizabeth's people could afford a proper marker for her grave.

The first evening there we ate in a little restaurant near the lake. I had the catfish dinner with hush puppies and it was good.

We really enjoyed our visit even though it wasn't very long. Aunt Elaine is doing remarkably well since her surgery a few weeks ago. Looks how great she looks!

Before we knew it our visit was over and it was time to head north. We left late Thursday morning and decided to spend the night in Fort Wayne as the weather was getting dicey and we weren't sure how much worse it would be to the north. We took our time getting started the next morning and by the time we left Fort Wayne the roads were clear and just into Michigan it looked like they had received a few of inches of snow sometime during the night. We were definitely back in Winter again.

I really enjoyed seeing so many birds in their yard, especially this Blue Bird. Even though we have Blue Birds here you don't see them where we live.

And look at this beautiful Tennessee sunset!

Spring break is over and it's back to the old grind tomorrow!

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