Sunday, March 16, 2008

Somebody was very naughty...

And here she is now, the turkey bacon snatcher!!

Saturday morning I was just beginning to cook some turkey bacon and had the first 6 pieces in the pan when Charlie decided he needed to go outside. I left the pan on low thinking we would be back in a couple minutes. When we returned I saw some plastic on the floor and ... several seconds later realized it was the plastic on the bacon package and all but two pieces of bacon had been consumed!! None of this registered for a few seconds as I couldn't quite wrap my brain around the fact that my good little doggie had actually placed her paws and snout up on the counter and taken the package of bacon!!! Oh, was I mad. It was straight to doggie jail for this naughty little girl. Actually since I don't really believe a crate should be used for punishment it was more as insurance against the vomiting I was sure would follow or some other nasty side affect. She pretty much stayed in there all day with several trips outside but I guess her stomach is made of steel since she didn't suffer any ill affects.

Scott felt that if she could survive the cupcake and truffle incident of last fall she could probably survive this!
Friday night was a bowling night. Even without one of our partners we picked up 3 points. We are still down near the bottom but it felt good to move up a little. Saturday night Howard and I went to another movie! This time it was my pick though I did keep Howard's likes and dislikes in mind and didn't make him go to a "chick flick". Instead we went to see The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It was a good movie, at least a "B", and made you think and was even a little sad at the end.
While the weather wasn't exactly warm this weekend, I think 40 was the high, it was nice enough to get out and take the pups for a walk today. Much of the snow is gone but the edges of the grass are still covered in piles from the snow plows. It will take another week of warmer temps to melt that stuff. The dogs came back all wet and dirty but they had a great time. We are practicing "heeling" and boy do they both need work. I can't wait until the snow is gone and I can get them back out to a field to really run. That's what they are needing right now, a release of all this pent up energy!!
My Aunt is doing well after her surgery last Monday. They were able to remove a tumor that was pressing on her brain, growing between her skull and brain, that measured 3 inches wide and 1-1/2 inches thick. She is at a rehab facility now for a week or so to regain some physical strength she lost. I have spoken to her nearly every day and she sounds amazing. Her speech has returned to normal and she sounds like her former self again! Amazing!! She is supposed to get her staples out next week sometime.
So, it's back to work tomorrow but only 4 days and I'll be off for Spring Break!! Howard and I are talking about a possible road trip next week! Scott has school so he will be elected as Chief Dog Watcher!

This guy always needs serious watching!! Today while on our walk we stopped to talk to a neighbor. Thank goodness she is a nice person and dog lover because Mr. Happy jumped up to greet her and put two horribly muddy feet smack dab in the middle of her lovely pink sweatshirt!! It was so embarrassing!! I apologized profusely, offered to replace it but she was extremely gracious and said she would just wash it and it would be fine! We will be starting another round of puppy classes next month, not a moment too soon apparently! I really hope they include "greetings" in this session as obviously we need to work on that one!!

HI ANDY!! Come visit soon so I can jump up on you too!!!

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