Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter and Where The Heck is Spring???

I knew Easter couldn't be far behind when I saw this guy in the backyard. I was so anxious to get his picture because he didn't hang around very long! This was the best one of the bunch but sadly it's not that great.

Then the next day I saw these guys. They don't usually show up quite this early and it's usually not until the ice has melted on the pond, which it hasn't done quite yet. They are regulars though once the weather warms up!

Even though the weather wasn't that great, I decided to take the pups to the field for a little frisbee. They came back a muddy, wet mess both days but it was worth it to get them out. My frisbee throwing arm is sore!

This is how Charlie waits patiently for me to get ready!

Not much else is new really. We had a quiet Easter. Amber called and so did Tyler. I spent the day baking doggie cookies and trying to make some bread. I'm not having much luck with it though for some reason. You wouldn't think making bread would be so hard but it seems to be for me anyway. First the yeast wasn't cooperating and then I had Howard go buy new yeast and that's not working all that great either. So here it is 9:00 p.m. and I'm still waiting for the final rise so I can bake the darn stuff!
We are leaving for Tennessee in the morning to visit my Aunt Elaine & Uncle LeeRoy. My Aunt is home now and doing great. Hard to believe only two weeks ago she was having brain surgery! We are looking forward to a nice visit and a little warmer weather.
Speaking of weather, it snowed here today. Even though the calendar says it's Spring it really seems so far away weather-wise. The weather man is predicting nothing above 40 here this whole next week.

Here's Zoe's happy face because she got to go play frisbee two days in a row! Another amazing thing I learned about Zoe this weekend, she knows how to herd! I know, she's a herding breed but she's never had anything to herd before. The first time we were at the high school field and two boys were walking across the field. Charlie ran towards them to investigate and Zoe ran after him, circled around him and brought him back to me! I figured it was a fluke, a one time deal. Then the next day we were at the junior high field and I threw the frisbee. Charlie and Zoe both ran after it but then Charlie was distracted by a low flying bird and took off after it. He was a good 50 yards away from Zoe, not coming back when I called and Zoe took off after him and caught up to him, circled around him and brought him back to me again! I was standing there with my mouth hanging open!! My little Zoe can herd! Who knew??

Look into my eyes! You are under my puppy spell! Send me lots of doggie toys and goodies!!

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