Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another Week Closer to Spring...

And the good news was we didn't get any snow this weekend. Even though the temps weren't that high we seemed to have a bit of melt-off which was great! I was able to scrape away a bit of the ice that's been on our driveway for a solid month, at least. I was also able to take both dogs for a walk this afternoon which they greatly appreciated! I've been walking them alone, no more "together" walks for now until they are better trained. It's like walking two bucking broncos. Alone they do much better but tonight my legs are sore since it was our first time walking in quite a while!
Last night Howard and I went to a movie. Sadly I can't even tell you the name of the movie we saw before that. I know my mind isn't what it used to be but it's been a long time since we went to a movie! Last night we saw The Bank Job. While the critics gave it a B-, I would have to say it wasn't much better than a C to me.
Today I spent the afternoon cooking. First dog cookies. The pups just love these cheese and garlic cookies.

They get so excited when I show them the cookie jar!
Then for dinner I cooked a meal from Everyday Foods. It was a chicken marinated in buttermilk with breading made with Seasoning of Provence. Unfortunately my local Kroger doesn't carry "seasoning of Provence" so I had to improvise. Then I made mashed red potatoes, with the skin on, with more buttermilk and sour cream. Even the salad had some buttermilk. It was a spinach and lettuce salad with apples and red grapes with a buttermilk dressing. I promised Amber I would post pictures so here they are!

Everything was good Amber! I just love that Everyday Foods magazine! I can always find something good in there to add to the repertoire.
Not much else going on. My new job has been challenging. I had to physically manage someone for the first time last week. Having the training really helped me feel comfortable doing it. It's never a good feeling to have to do it but at least knowing what you're doing helps.
Countdown to Spring Break starts now! Nine days of school then a while week off!! Wish I was going somewhere warm! Have a good week!

Do I need a mint??

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