Monday, March 10, 2008

That Sinking Feeling...

That sinking feeling hit me today when I checked my voice mail and there was a call from my cousin, Glen. While Glen and I were close many years ago, we don't really talk much these days. Most news I get of him and his life is through my dear Aunt Elaine. So to get a call from him I know it's something serious. The message I got was not a good one and that's what caused the sinking feeling. He said on the voice mail that my Aunt was in the hospital and that they had found a brain tumor. He said they were waiting for test results and to call back in a few hours. When I got out of school at 4:00 I called and spoke to Glen's wife. She advised that they had decided to perform surgery as the tumor was quite large and she had been in surgery for two hours and expected it to last 4 hours. I called back again tonight to find that the surgery went well and she was out of recovery and headed to her room. They won't know the final results for a few days but feel the surgery was successful. Now keep in mind my Aunt will be 80 years old next month!! I don't think she would mind me telling you this because she doesn't act a day over 70! I hope and pray this puts an end to the problems she's been experiencing lately and she outlives my Granny (her mother) who lived into her 90's!!
I also go a call today from my Dad, another one who never calls unless something is wrong. Another sinking feeling. Thankfully he just wanted an address!! Phew, two bullets dodged!
This day did not start out well. Thanks to Daylight Savings Time I overslept 1/2 hour so got a late start to begin with. At least I'm blaming it on DST. I actually like DST once it gets going but it really messed me up this morning and I was so tired I fell back to sleep. So I was rushing around, trying to get out the door in time and happened to glance out the back window just as I was headed for the door and stopped dead in my tracks! I couldn't believe my eyes. And this is what I saw when I looked out...

It made me think of my Aunt. She sees deer all the time at her Tennessee home and is always telling me about them. She lives on Deer Run Road for goodness sake! I'm so thankful she's ok. When you are better and go home and read my blog again (she is one of my faithful 3 or 4 readers) I want you to know I love you Auntie and prayed so hard that you would be ok. And I hope you will be feeling better soon, back to your old self again. xoxoxo

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