Thursday, March 15, 2007

Winter is Leaving, Slowly but Surely

So, this is how it begins. The ice on the pond slowly begins to melt. You have a few "tease" days like last Tuesday when the thermometer soared to 70 degrees and melted all the snow, followed by a day in the 60's, followed by snow (which thankfully didn't stick to the roads and most of which has melted again) and then back to the 30's and 40's.

However, the ducks have returned to the pond and the tulips I planted last fall are starting to peek their little heads through the mud so I know Spring can't really be too far away though I know it won't arrive next Wednesday like the calendar says. It will come though, eventually. There have been years though when it seemed like we jumped right over Spring and into Summer.

Everyone gets antsy about this time of year. All people talk about is the weather; how they wish it were warm; where they are planning to go for Spring Break (almost always some place warm if they are going anywhere) and when we can start planting flowers. Nurseries suggest you don't start until Memorial Day but rarely can we die-hard gardeners wait for that day. Around the first of May I usually can't wait any longer and at least put a few things in the ground. Sure, I might have to cover them if it's too cold, but it's worth it. They won't even really grow for another month but who cares? They are green and they are flowers and we have waited 6 months to see them!!! So, I will try to be patient and enjoy those few warm days that come our way in the Spring, but really I just want summer to hurry up and get here!

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