Friday, March 2, 2007

Pictures for Tyler and Amber

These are some pictures I thought Tyler and Amber would enjoy since they miss little Zoe so much. Notice the one with the pig, Ty. She still loves it and drags it around everywhere and to bed every night to use as a pillow!! She's totally bored these days and it's hard to get her out for a walk with all this crappy weather. Can't wait for spring and our trips to the Bark Park. I'm leaving soon for the airport but right now there's a white-out outside!! Sure hope that stops soon!! We are supposed to have "snow showers" but right now it's way more than a "shower"!! Amber has a full weekend planned with lots of shopping and planning!! Keep your fingers crossed that we will find the perfect dress this weekend! I know no matter what dress she gets she will look absolutely gorgeous. I'll take lots of pictures to post when I get back, but not the dress!! That will have to remain a surprise! Have a great weekend and call me sometime Tyler!! I miss you!! :-*

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