Monday, March 5, 2007

Back from Virginia

Friday night we met Andrew in D.C. for dinner. His office is within walking distance of the White House. I had never seen the White House at night but here it is! We went to an Indian restaurant for dinner, great food but the entertainment was really spectacular, two belly dancers! They were good and people from the crowd would come onto the dance floor and throw dollar bills on them. I suggested this place for the rehearsal dinner but Amber and Andrew decided they wanted to think about that.

These are a few of the pictures taken on Saturday of the venue for the wedding. It's called Cabell's Mill. It has lots of possibilities for the wedding/reception; outside on the lawn, on the terrace, inside in case of bad weather. Right now it looks bare in winter but they had pictures of the property in summer and it's gorgeous. The rest of the day was spent looking for dresses. Amber has several in mind but we made great progress in narrowing the choices down. Sunday we bought the "save the date" card materials and spent the rest of the day designing them and putting them together. We also spent a little time working on table centerpiece designs. So much to do and think about that I never realized. Now that the site is definite we can start working on the other details like invitations, etc. At least we have a couple months before we have to start worrying about those. It's going to be a beautiful wedding!

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