Monday, February 26, 2007

Not Much Happening...

Well..... not much going on right now. Doldrums of winter? The weather here is depressing. Cold, sleet, snow, gray. Sometimes I wonder why anyone would want to live here. Then summer comes and you appreciate why. That's really all I can complain about, the weather. Life is good otherwise. The kids are all doing well. Amber is busy planning her wedding, searching for the perfect (affordable) dress and venue. I am going to visit her this weekend to help with that search. Hopefully we will have good news to report on the next blog. Tyler called from Hawaii this weekend. He had taken a "hop" over to Kauai with some friends for the weekend. They jumped off cliffs and body surfed in the waves! What a life!! He also reports that school is going well. Scott's on "spring break" this week. Some break, no sun in his future or warm temps. He'll probably spend the week on his computer or just laying around, resting up for the next semester! Zoe sleeps alot. It's hard to even get out for walks some days. We did manage a walk on Saturday but by the time we got back my thighs were frozen and she had sludge hanging from the fur on her stomach, but we did walk! Wait, what happened to "life is good". It sounds like I"m complaining but I think it's mostly the weather. Maybe I have that SADD, seasonal disorder thing! Someone who grew up in warm, sunny climates for the first 35 years of her life probably shouldn't be transplanted to Michigan. I don't think I will ever adjust to the gray. Cold is one thing, you can warm up, but gray, well there's just no cure for that other than sunshine!! This is what we got!!
This is what I want!!

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