Sunday, April 14, 2013

Still Cold, Add Rain = Depressed Michiganders

It's still cold around these parts and today is the first day we've seen the sun all week. It's been rainy, which I admit, we need, but there is no real warm up in sight. I think the warmest temp predicted for the next week is only in the 60's. It's the most popular topic in town, the weather or lack of Spring. I do see my daffodils and tulips trying to make a Springtime appearance but with no sun it's been tough. The ducks and geese are still hanging around but I haven't seen our little deer friend all week. Guess she's moved on to greener pastures or heavier vegetation since there is no green pasture anywhere to be found! This week has been a busy one. We are finishing up the ELPA testing for ESL students and while I haven't done a great deal of the testing I have helped out where I can. I've been busy babysitting 5th graders who can't seem to behave themselves when their teachers are out. Grrrrrr! Thursday night was supposed to be Bunco and thank goodness one of the girls called me to make sure that I had heard that we weren't actually having Bunco because the hostess had conferences at her school. I would have been ringing her doorbell that evening instead of showing up at a local restaurant for dinner. Friday night was our position night in bowling. Howard had to work and didn't make it but thankfully we didn't have to worry about it because WE HAD ALREADY WON!!!! We had enough points that no one could catch us so the deal was sealed and we are the FIRST PLACE TEAM this year!! Woo Hoo for us! We didn't really have a chance to celebrate since Howard wasn't there. I ended up just going home instead of out to dinner. I coughed and coughed all week and by Friday night I was ready for a rest. Saturday night Howard was the host for a concert. I was asked to be in attendance and since it was on a Saturday night and I wasn't sick, I went! It was Bob Seger who is huge in this area since he's from Michigan. One of the people in the suite mentioned that he was 68! While I'm not a fan of Bob Seger I did recognize much of his music. The best moment of the evening was when he sang "Turn the Page" and the audience sang the entire song, all the way through, with him. A good time was had by all especially H who enjoyed Bob Seger but really was excited because one of his favorites opened for Seger, Joe Walsh! He was very good too. So many old folks in the audience too just rockin' out. In other news, Tyler is still hunting for a long term job but he did pick up a little side work. He will be helping install docks this week. It will be cold, messy work but he can use the cash as he's wanting to buy a car and every bit helps. Today he took the pups up to the high school for a run which they greatly appreciate. Then when they finished that he took them for a walk! H and I were out walking too and passed them along the way. I'm so thankful he's doing it because I just can't manage the two of them together. They are so crazy especially if they see another dog! That's about it for news or at least any news worth sharing. Still waiting for warm temps and signs of spring. That's the big story here. Have a good week!

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Here's hoping warmer temperatures are heading your way!