Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Fall!

It's only been Fall for a few days but we've been feeling it here for a couple weeks really. The nights are especially cool and the heat has been coming on most mornings. Other than that the weather has been really nice. It's sunny with just a few gray days so far and usually while I'm at school so it doesn't seem to bother me as much.

Speaking of school, we've been very busy in preparation for seeing students this coming week. I think I'm ready! I only have two schools this year instead of three but I'll actually be out of the building more days though not all day. The first week or so we are trying to work out the kinks so we'll see how it goes.

I had a three day weekend since Friday was a Developmental Day and aides aren't required to work. I used that day to run my errands so I've been able to do some things I wanted to do instead of had to do this weekend.

Like make these refrigerator pickles.

And make sure the onions were dried out a bit and ready to put in the basement for storage.

I did make a trip out to the garden yesterday afternoon. I was there for over two hours and it hardly looked like I'd been there at all when I left. I pulled up the spent tomato plants and brought the cages home. I had planned to pull some carrots but while I was there I decided I might as well pull them all and for two little packets of seeds I got lots of carrots. I've not sure if this is a worthwhile crop or not. The planting was easy and they didn't require much upkeep but the cleaning and putting up of them was pretty labor intensive. I was able to cut and freeze 3 large bags and then I had this large bag of whole carrots that I'll have to either use up or finish cutting up and freeze them too for soups and such.

I also picked two eggplants, some grape tomatoes and a few banana peppers.

The purple cabbage is coming in nicely. Mine is small compared to the community garden cabbages but I figure I still have another month left before we get a frost (fingers crossed) so they will have some time to grow yet. I also have lots of blossoms on my eggplants but I doubt I'll get any more of those, just too late in the season. I left the broccoli in too because it's still putting up new little arms and does well in cooler weather.

The pups were so happy to go to the high school field both days, on Saturday with H and today with Scott. This is before

this is after!

I also baked this today.

What? It's only a couple weeks late! Ok, I'm guilty. I was just really busy that first week of school and a bunch of other excuses but Scott really wanted me to bake him a cake so, today I did. It's a white cake with double fudge icing. Yum!!

Speaking of Scott, no, he hasn't gotten a new job yet. He's working 3-4 days at the warehouse still.

I love my iPad! It is the best thing I have ever, ever, ever bought!! I thought Oprah was exaggerating but NO, she wasn't! It is the best thing ever. Right now I'm on my computer but listening to music on my iPad. Curious minds might want to know what I'm listening to?? The NEW Stevie Nicks album, In Your Dreams. I just found out about it! How did I miss this? I love Stevie Nicks, love, love, love!

We also did this with it this weekend!


I also did a bit of this

The Tigers are playing so well and it's been fun to watch them win. Can't wait till the playoffs!

So, that's about all the news from Michigan. Here are a few signs of Fall's arrival.

The birds are still flocking to the feeders except I haven't seen a hummingbird all week.

This little squirrel was really enjoying the remains of the sunflower I picked from the flower bed. It was starting to get a bit moldy instead of drying out so I just threw it out in the backyard for the squirrels.

This isn't a sign of Fall, I just thought it was pretty!

Tonight for dinner we had coleslaw made with purple cabbage and carrots from the garden. We also had mashed potatoes made with potatoes from the garden. It was all so fresh and good! Yum!

Ok, this post is a lot of this and that and not much meat. Guess I'm done.

Have a good week!

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