Sunday, October 2, 2011


September flew by. So did last week. Though I have to admit, when I got to Wednesday I was already wishing Friday to hurry up! It was a busy week at work. I spent time with students trying to get the final tweaks into my schedule. You never really know if things are going to work out in real life like you have them on paper and sure enough, there were a few glitches. By the end of the week I think I had things worked out pretty well, as long as no one else changes their schedules.

Wednesday was H's and my 37th wedding anniversary and Tuesday night he surprised me by bringing home 37 gorgeous red roses and 1 white rose for the coming year. They were absolutely beautiful. I only took a picture of them with my iPad which didn't do them justice but today I did take this picture but it doesn't really capture their beauty as they are getting a little wilty now.

To celebrate we went to Outback for dinner and had a perfect dinner together, close to home, good food and not too expensive.

Friday night was bowling. We bowled a team that had two bowlers absent which really worked in our favor, especially when we found out that we were in 12th place out of 13 teams! Yikes!!! Taking all 4 points will really help us.

It's been a crisp week too with quite a bit of rain. I was still wearing capris and sandals on Friday but by that afternoon, with the rain and the wind, I had to change to jeans and finally put on socks. It was just too cold. Putting on socks for the first time after all those months of warm weather feels so strange. This weekend has been sunny but very breezy and cool.

Very fall like with lots of leaves swirling down from the trees.

Scott was nice enough to take the pups up to the high school field today. They really enjoyed it. They came back panting and ready for a nap.

Zoe loves laying out on the deck when I'm out there.

Charlie, not so much. He gets scared, thinks he's hearing gun shots even when they aren't shooting.

We are leaving in a bit to go pre-bowl for next time. Bill and Judy have a wedding to go to when we bowl next and we don't want to lose any more points, We could bowl next weekend but I won't be here. I'm flying off for a special visit with a special little someone I can't wait to see for a girls weekend. We are going to paint our nails, order pizza, eat popcorn and watch Elmo all weekend!! I leave Thursday straight from school and come back Sunday night. A&A have to go south for a wedding so that's why it will be just a girls weekend.

Guess that's all the excitement around here for this week. Next Sunday Ill have more to say but I'll probably be too tired to write about it. Maybe I can get a jump start while Miss Q is napping, which hopefully she will though I might have to take one too when she does.

Have a good week!


Lynilu said...

Ohhh, congratulations and much continued happiness! And what a sweetheart H is for those roses! Very nice!

Lynilu said...

BTW, could Charlie be hearing gunshots in the distance, some that you can't hear? I had one dog who seemed to. I thought he was hearing things, too, but the vet said it was very possible he heard what we couldn't.

Deb said...

Yes, Lynilu, he does hear them for real, on occasion. Because of that he worries that he will hear them every time he is out there. We have a gun club place about 10 miles away but it's easily heard when the wind is right.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 37 years! Here's to 37 more!

Anonymous said...

How was your weekend?