Sunday, September 18, 2011

And We're Off!!

To the start of the school year, that is. It's been a whirlwind and as usual, I'm putting in extra time to get ready to start seeing students soon. We've been out testing and doing paper work because the rumor is we will be audited by the State this year and everything has to be in order.

Bunco has started up again and so has bowling. Friday night's bowling was rough. The team we bowled only had two bowlers there so they started out 20 below average and still we struggled to take just one point. Not a good start. I have to take responsibility for a large part as I didn't bowl well at all. I was tired and the ball felt like it weighed 50 pounds! Oh well, my average will go down, which will be good.

These guys are still hanging in there. Not as many this weekend but they are still coming. Yesterday I put up a nice full container and this morning it was empty! Darn racoons!! I'll have to remember to bring it in tonight so I don't have to make more nectar in the morning.

These guys are hitting the thistle feeder hard too. All their pretty bright yellow feathers have turned to brown and they are constantly at the feeder.

The weather has been cool. Usually the start to the school year is still in the summer heat but we had an early cool down and it's pretty much stayed around. I've tried so hard not to have to turn on the heater but after using just the fireplace a few evenings I finally had to give in the other morning when the outside temp got down in the 40's. That's just a little too chilly!!

Thankfully there's been no frost yet so we still have flowers around. This sunflower, courtesy of a squirrel is still shut tight.

This zinnina I planted from seed has finally come up but it's not looking too good.

The shrub roses are in their second or third bloom and will keep going until the first frost.

But if you look closely you can tell Fall is coming. This Japanese Maple is feeling it.

Last night we had company for dinner. We don't seem to do that much any more. In the old days we did it all the time but now, not so much. We invited a guy H works with and his wife. He's German, she's Brazilian. They've only been in the US for 15 days. They are young and well traveled. It was a nice evening though the shish-ka-bobs were a little dry, at least to me. It was a little too cool to eat on the deck but we managed to sit out there for a little while before dinner. Seems like it's either been too hot or too cold to use the deck much this year.

Just before our guests arrived I took the pups to the park for a little frisbee. They really needed to get out. Today they have followed me from room to room, looking at me hopefully.

Are we going?

Are we going now?

No, we aren't going. I'm not feeling it. Sorry.

I'm just hanging around at home, watching the birds.

Looking at what's left of the flowers.

Charlie was checking out this sunflower. It was another one planted by the squirrels. This one was out in my flower bed by the street.

Something has already decided it's yummy and helped themselves.

I'm just sittin' around watching the grass grow.

Watching the sun's reflection on the pond.

In other news, Scott is still searching for a job while he works part time in Moosejaw's warehouse. It's not too busy right now but they keep telling him it will pick up soon with the holidays coming.

Quinn's little life will be changing soon. Her mommy has decided to quit her job in order to spend more time with her.

She's growing and changing so fast I'm sure they will both enjoy this time together. She's talking like a little chatty kathy lately and singing and playing make believe. She's doing all those darling things almost two year olds do. Such a fun time for the happy little family. Can't wait to see them again in less than a month, if even for a few days.

We're not hearing much from Tyler in Korea. He's back in school after summer camp and their two week break. We miss him.

So, other than working, which pretty much takes it out of me, I will be at home, enjoying the last of the impatiens and hydrangeas. They won't be around much longer.

Have a good week (or two)!! :-)


Lynilu said...

My hummers are still hanging around. The thinned out for a few days for some reason, but then came back. My feeders are swarming! I know it won't be long.

I love fall. Isn't it funny, though how spring and fall seem to whiz by, but summer and winter often seem never-ending?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!