Monday, September 5, 2011

The Last Day of Summer

It's not officially the last day of summer but today it feels like it, both because of the Fall-like weather we're experiencing and because tomorrow is the first day of school here in our neck of the woods.

My impatiens are still beautiful because it hasn't been too cold at night.

These little guys are still hanging around so I'm keeping the feeder up.

We had a mostly uneventful week but a few crazy things happened. Thursday was an especially crappy day. I awoke to two piles of poop in the living room, later to be accompanied by two piles of vomit and then to top it all off, the air conditioning broke around 1:00 and it started getting hotter and hotter. By the time H came home it was 82 degrees in the house and pretty humid too. H checked things out and was able to diagnose the problem so we called our local repair guy and he said he'd be by the next afternoon. Not what we wanted to hear since the temp the next day was supposed to hit 95 but we had no choice. It was a very warm and uncomfortable night for sleeping. Then we had a nice surprise the next morning. About 7:15 the phone rang and it was the local repair guy stating that he was outside and believed he had fixed the unit and to turn it on. He was right! It was fixed. Thank goodness.
Sadly we ended that day by having to go to a wake for an acquaintance who lost his year long battle with cancer.

Saturday was a hot, sunny day and we ended up spending our last summer-like day at our friend's pool. It was a perfect way to end the summer season. We just relaxed by the pool all day and had an easy dinner of pizza.

Today I took the pups to the park since the weather had cooled down and the rain from yesterday had stopped. They were really enjoying themselves.

It all went well until we went home. I pulled into the garage, opened the door to let them out like I usually do and instead of heading toward the garage door Charlie shot around me and headed for the street and toward a woman walking her little poodle. Zoe caught on and was right after him heading toward the poodle too. By the time I ran out to the street Zoe was attacking (or trying to attack) the little dog and so was Charlie. I was able to grab Zoe but Charlie kept jumping away from me and finally the woman picked the dog up and Charlie was trying to jump up on her to try to get the dog. I finally grabbed him by the ear as that was all I could get and then was able to get his collar while profusely and sincerely apologizing to the woman. At this point I thought I had to walk in, just holding their collars, hoping they wouldn't get away from me. By the time I got in the house I was completely winded and gasping for breath, both from the tussle and from the anger. I was very unhappy with two very naughty dogs! And after I had been so nice and took them to the park and all! Brats!

After I recovered I decided I really should make a trip to the garden since it had been a week again since I was out there. My plan was to dig potatoes and that's exactly what I did. I also pulled onions, carrots, a few more green beans and one of my basil plants.

We had that big potato with dinner since when I was digging it up I accidentally put a gash in it. The guys reported that it was delish. I also made some pesto from the basil. I put it in the freezer as I'm not quite sure what I'm gonna use it for yet. I was also able to freeze some broccoli and carrots. I think I probably got 20 pounds of potatoes from those 10 little plants and some of them were huge. Like this one!

I still have 3 purple cabbage plants in the garden but I'm not sure if I'll actually get a head from them or not. If I do they will probably be small. The ones in the main garden look much bigger than mine right now.

And this little beauty finally pushed up past the carrots. It took a long time. Guess the carrots were overpowering it a bit.

Dinner tonight had quite a few things from the garden. We had a caprisi salad with grape tomatoes and basil from the garden. The boys split that huge potato. And we had bar-b-q ribs on the grill. It was a really good, fresh dinner. Too bad it wasn't a little warmer so we could have eaten outside!

So, tomorrow is the first day of school. I'm ready except for the part when I have to get up at 5:30. That's the only part I'm not looking forward to. I am looking forward to seeing all my friends and the kids. It's only a half day for the kids but a full day for teachers and staff. At least the kids will be tired so they'll be easier to manage!!

Have a good week!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the dogs misbehaving! QP will give them the old "no-no" during the next v-chat!