Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm Done

I'm done with Winter. It's gone on too long now.

I need to move to a place where by the end of January there's no more snow or freezing cold temps! This past week has been brutal here.

Below, well below, freezing temps and gray every day. Today the sun is finally out but it's like 7 degrees.

The temps are supposed to stay in the teens and twentys all the next week. Too cold to take the pups to the park so no pictures of that. They look at me so expectantly every time I grab my shoes and keys but no luck for them.

I am not standing out in the freezing cold even for them. And then there's the wind chill. Brrrrrrrrr!

This past week was fairly non-eventful. Work was good, busy, lots of things to do. Nothing too exciting going on except I did get this.

I ordered it from Target on Saturday and it was here by Tuesday. It's for my office so I can watch TV while I work on the blog or write bills or read blogs or whatever. It just gets the basic channels but it's great. I love it.

On Thursday, at work, I was bragging to a co-worker who was coming down with a cold how I had been so healthy this year. Stupid, stupid me. That night, when I got home, my throat started feeling itchy and I could feel a cold coming on! It's not too bad, just some sneezing and coughing and head congestion but I have finally found an over-the-counter medication that at least can handle the symptoms! I'll manage.

Thursday night H and I were enjoying a leisurely dinner at the local Wendy's when the woman sitting next to us said, "I hope you aren't planning to go to Kroger after dinner." When we said no, we weren't, why, she informed us that the parking lot was all blocked off and that the police were dealing with a bomb scare!! A bomb scare here in out little town!!! Unbelievable!!! Sure enough, when we left Wendy's the bomb squad was parked in front of the store and the parking lots had all entrances blocked off. I heard nothing on the news but the next day at work I did a quick search and found out that some guy had gone in to the pharmacy, put a box on the counter saying it was a bomb and demanded some Vicodin. Crazy!! Apparently a clerk threw a bottle at him, he left and they evacuated the store for the next 3 hours! This was at 7:00 at night! They got pictures of him on the surveillance cameras so hopefully he will be caught soon.

Friday night was bowling. We were all there and ready to kick some butt. Which we did. We won all 3 games and took totals. Four points for us!! I bowled a 144, 145 and 143. Apparently H took quite a spill on the lane. He had been up at the juke box and I went up to relieve him when it was his turn to bowl. He must have stepped into some water because when he went to bowl he stuck and went flying. People told me he went down pretty hard. He said he feels just fine, didn't hurt anything, just maybe a little pride. No one likes to go flying on their face. We were all very careful the rest of the night as no one wanted to repeat that performance.

Amber had her first night away from Quinn this weekend. She took advantage of a friend's business trip to Miami and joined her down there for a little R&R. Apparently there wasn't much sun but at least it was a little warmer and gave her a chance to rest and recharge.

I haven't heard from Andy but I'm sure he and Quinn are enjoying lots of father/daughter bonding time!!

Tyler is on vaca this week and next. I haven't heard from him either so I guess he's either sleeping around the clock or having a great time exploring Masan. Can't wait to hear all about it son! Maybe you can update your blog with some fascinating pictures about your 2 weeks off!! Please??

Have a great week!

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