Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to Work...

This past week went by fast! Before I knew it we were on to to Friday and the week was over. Friday night was bowling and considering we hadn't bowled in month I would say we did pretty good. We took 4 points which we sorely need since we are in 14th place!! That's 14th out of 16! We didn't realize last night was position night until we got to the bowling alley but I don't suppose it would have mattered either way. It helped that one of the guys from the other team who can really bowl if he gets hot wasn't there last night. Then his wife accidentally brought his ball so she didn't have her own ball or shoes which would have made for a terrible night if that happened to me. But, as luck would have it, she found a house ball that she bowled better with than she does her own ball. At the end of the night she liked it so much she decided to take it home with her!

Saturday we focused on packing away the Christmas trees and all the trimmings. We got most of it done Saturday and I finished up the rest today. Why does it seem to take so much longer to take it all down than to put it up?

Here's the new bird feeder H bought me for Christmas. It's supposedly made with Cardinals in mind but this is one of the first Cardinals I've seen on the feeder all week. They are finally warming up to it. It's squirrel proof and I have to say, I haven't seen one squirrel on it. At least there is one thing they can't get on because lord knows they get in to everything else!

On Saturday I also had to make dog food since I was completely out. I made breakfast food first then dinner. Now we are all set for another month. My pups didn't go far from the kitchen all afternoon.

After I finished cooking I had just enough time before dark to take them up to the high school for a little frisbee. It was cold out but at least the sun was out. Charlie took off at a run almost as soon as he got out of the car. I don't always mind that but this time he took off with the frisbee and I don't like that! Once he takes off with it he puts it down and then I have to go find it. Since everything was snow covered I wasn't looking forward to going to look for the frisbee. Those dumb things are expensive too, over $20 and I don't want to lose one! Luckily Zoe was on his trail and she found the frisbee and brought it back to me while he was off checking his pee-mail! We couldn't stay out long because the snow was balling up in their feet and they had to keep stopping to pull the snow out from between their toes!

Also on Saturday our little sweetie had her birthday party in Virginia! By all reports it was a success and Quinn enjoyed being the center of all that attention! I was hoping for some pics but so far none have come my way. We did Skype with Quinn today and she was pretty blase about the whole event until I pulled Zoe up onto my lap. Then she came to life and even laughed!! She love her some puppies!!

Here's Zoe waiting for her dinner.

Today was another cold but at least sunny day. Even though it was only in the 20's today (and even colder with the wind chill) it feels so much warmer somehow with the sun out. We are lucky to have lots of windows in this house and many on the south side so we can have some sun coming in all day.

I ran to the pet store for some organic kibble and couldn't resist a couple new toys for the pups. I really didn't buy them anything for Christmas and I think I missed their birthdays too last year. Here's Charlie with his newest possession.

It's a leopard with the stuffing removed, except for the head. We'll see how long this lasts. He seems way more interested in toys than Zoe. She would rather have her Nylabone, if she can keep it away from Charlie. They were having adoptions at Petco and I noticed there were only two puppies and all the rest much older dogs. I hope they all find good homes where someone will love and spoil them. In this economy it's not easy to feed and take care of a pet. The yearly vet bills alone are very expensive, even if you just get the minimum. We were lucky that neither dog needed any shots this year but with just a check-up, heartworm check and yearly medication and bordatello it was expensive enough.

We managed another trip to the park but I couldn't take the cold for long. Even with gloves on, after about 10 minutes, my fingers were numb. My car thermometer said 26 but the wind was really blowing so I know it felt much colder than that! They enjoyed getting out though.

Wow, where did the weekend go. It's time to get ready for work tomorrow. I'm still doing laundry. Oh well, guess it will get done when it gets done. I have Bunco at my house this Thursday night so I have to get busy planning for that too. I would say right now it's in the "thinking" stage. I'm thinking about what I want to make for everyone to eat and thinking about how I don't want to get too stressed out about it all. I decided to take Thursday off work since I have personal days to use and I haven't taken one day off this school year so far. It just makes things less stressful for me. Hopefully. The snacks aren't a problem but I'm not a big desert person so I never quite know what to make for that. Lately the girls have been making a dinner instead of appetizers and just one desert. In the old days they would make TWO deserts! Glad those days are gone.

Have a good week!

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