Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

It's been a busy weekend!! It started with Friday night bowling. We picked Judy up and were waiting for Bill when we got a call that he was getting stitches in his hand and would be a couple minutes late. Thankfully the other team was kind enough to let him catch up when he got there though they were probably cursing that decision since we ended up taking all 4 points from them! Bill ended up with 3 stitches in his thumb up where it joins the hand so didn't really get in the way of bowling though it did continue to bleed all through the 3 games. But hey, we still won all 4 points which we really needed since we were in 10th place! I didn't bowl well at all due to this stupid shoulder pain I've been having. All 3 games were under my average of 135. Oh well, thankfully my team rocked!!

It ended with a nice hour of Trick or Treating and sitting on the porch handing out our big bowl of candy. But there was so much more!!

Cookie (people) baking,

H's complaints finally got to me so I baked him cookies first so he wouldn't complain about the rest of the baking!

More cookie (dog) baking,

Complete with dogs under foot, waiting for said cookies to fall on the floor or for the people to finally give them one since they are looking so pitiful.

A trip to the park (and they were so happy)

Sunday trip to the park, more happiness,

This was so funny! He had it over his eyes and was running in my general direction but was about to run past me when I called his name and he did a quick turn towards me!

It was quite a dreary afternoon but every great once in a while the sun poked out, but not while we were at the field and it was quite chilly!!

After dropping the pups off at home I headed out to the garden. It's been so long since I've been out there I can't even really remember the last time I went. Things looked bleak.

The tomatoes were history. Nothing left to do there but pull them out and take my cages home. I harvested everything that was worth saving and surprisingly there was quite a bit. There were quite a few of the hot peppers left and the real shocker was the broccoli. It was still putting out small heads so I harvested those and pulled out the plants. I also pulled the last of the carrots and managed to get a gallon size bag worth. Then I harvested my herbs, Rosemary, Thyme and Parsley. I put the Rosemary in the fridge and dried the Thyme and will probably dry the Parsley too, maybe tomorrow.


Rosemary & Broccoli

Peppers (including one bell pepper)

When I got home from the garden there was just enough time to carve the pumpkin and put the candy in the bowl before the Trick or Treaters started arriving.

This little cutie got to enjoy her first Halloween! I hope she didn't eat too much candy! I wouldn't want her to rot out those new little teeth she's getting!

So Cute!!

Have a great week!

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