Friday, October 29, 2010

Guess Who's Turning The Big 3-0 Today???

Happy Birthday Andy! And it's a big one too, 30 years old today! This is probably what he looked like just a short time ago, young with hardly a responsibility! He was The King of the World!!

Plenty of free time to enjoy life!

Time to sit around on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy a beer or two.

Then his world turned upside down.

There were a few sleepless nights (though he doesn't always remember them).

And this will probably be his happiest Birthday yet!

Happy Birthday Andy! Hope you find time to enjoy life and your beautiful family! May this be your best year yet!!

How could it not be when he has this to come home to every day???



Anonymous said...

Glad you only posted the most flattering pictures!

Deb said...

Are you saying they aren't? I thought they were great pictures of the Birthday Boy!!

Anonymous said...

Love 'em! Thanks for the post!