Sunday, November 7, 2010

Festivals, Clocks and other stuff...

It was a busy weekend though really I didn't do that much. Maybe I should say instead that it seemed to pass so quickly! But before the weekend came the busy week. Work was busy, as usual, but with some added work because we in ESL were preparing for the 2nd Annual Latino Festival on Thursday night. Things were being gathered around the community and then on Thursday we were running around picking up donated items and then getting the cafeteria and gym ready for the big fiesta! The doors opened at 5:00 so we only had a couple hours to get things ready. The parents showed up in full force and started decorating and soon after that the food started arriving. At 5:00 sharp the mariachi band started, followed by the dancers, both kids and adults. I somehow ended up being the photographer for most of the evening but I wasn't using my camera so I don't have any pictures. It was all very colorful and enjoyable though. I purchased a dozen tamales at the end of the evening to share with Scott and H. We ended up having them for dinner Friday night but I have to say, they just weren't as good a day later. The Festival ended at 8:00 but it was 9:30 before we were finished cleaning up and were able to go home. On Friday we were all dragging but kids still must be pulled and taught so there was no rest for the weary. Ok, I'll admit it, we did put a movie in for our very last group but I've been told ESL children need to watch more movies to understand dialogue, etc.

Saturday H and Scott helped me out at the garden. We were supposed to go out there to turn over our plots and work in manure but unfortunately no manure was delivered. Instead they just turned the soil over and we smoothed the plots. We will try to top dress the plots if the manure is delivered in the next couple weeks. It was disappointing that no one had let us know as we could have waited and done it all at once. I wasn't much help as I've been having shoulder pain that just doesn't want to go away and doing things like shoveling and raking makes it worse. When we got home I planted about 70 tulips in the front yard and just that motion has made my shoulder hurt all weekend.

We also spent a few minutes skyping with our favorite girls!

Quinn really seemed to be able to see us and was waving and saying hi but soon lost interest and just wanted to wiggle and squirm on her mommy's lap. I can't wait for the day when she realizes it's Mimi and Grandpa H that she's talking to!

After our chat I took the pups up to the high school field for some frisbee play. After a week cooped up in the house they were very anxious to run and play. When I got home I fixed H and Scott a nice dinner of chicken enchiladas as a thank you for all their help at the garden. During the prep I happened to look out the window and saw this beautiful sunset. They are pretty rare around here and unfortunately the trees block most of it but it's still a pretty sight.

After setting all the clocks back this morning (man do we have a lot of clocks) and fixing breakfast I decided to head out for a little shopping. Now that the cold weather has arrived and I'm having to give up my capri's for long pants I realized I only really have 3 pair of pants (plus jeans that I can only wear on Friday) to wear for 4 days which means I'm wearing one pair twice. Not good. Plus I wanted to pick up some things for H's brother's son's (our nephew Aaron) new baby, Caleb. Shopping for baby boy clothes sure is different than shopping for baby girl clothes. Everything is gray or tan, with a little red or blue thrown in. I managed to buy 4 pair of pants, including cords which I probably won't wear until it gets a bit colder, a couple tops and a sweater. They are playing Christmas music in every store and have all the decorations up and gift displays everywhere.

After my successful shopping trip I took the pups back to the high school field. The light felt so weird as it was only 4:00 but felt like 6:00. A good time was had by all!

This next week should be interesting. I have been offered another hour a day of work. Unfortunately it comes first thing in the morning, like at 7:00 a.m. Let's just say, I have enough trouble getting to work by 8:00. Getting there by 7:00 should be interesting. I'm definitely going to have to go to bed earlier. No more staying up until 11:30 every night. A student I see at one elementary school but only 2 days a week, is going to be riding the early bus to the main school where the program is housed. Kids at that school, who are lower, are seen every day. Plus I will be giving him one on one tutoring for that hour in the morning. This is a 4th grade boy from China and he has only been in the country since February. He can already speak a little English but has a reading level of about a first grader. He's really good at math though and is very sweet. So, we'll see how this goes. I'm really not looking forward to this getting up at 5:00 or 5:30 though. I wish I wasn't so high maintenance, like a natural beauty who didn't need make-up or a gal who could just put her hair in a pony tail and go. Unfortunately, that is NOT me. I need maintenance time. Wish me luck.

Have a good week!

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