Monday, July 5, 2010

Where to Start?

The problem with waiting so long between blog posts is that so many things have happened it's hard to know where to start. So I'll start with my trip to visit Quinn (and Amber & Andy too, of course). We had a really nice visit and I got some real quality time with Quinn. She's growing up so fast and really starting to develop her little personality. She's also doing so many new things. She's started eating cereal and fruit which is so fun. I had some video but I can't get blogger to upload it right. I'll try again later because it's so cute and I really want Tyler, who's so far away, to see her in action. Here's what is looks like when she's done! So funny.

She also enjoys her "floor time" and likes playing with her little toes and rolling around. I even caught her rolling over from her back to her tummy but couldn't get it on video.

Her facial expressions just crack me up. So expressive.

She also loves reading and is doing really well sitting up, with a little help from the boppie. It won't be long until she's sitting all by herself.

It was really hot and humid in Virginia so we didn't really go out much unless it was to the pool which we did a few times. She really seems to enjoy the water but I didn't bring the camera down to the pool. On the weekend we all went downtown to the Eastern Market but really couldn't stay long as it was just too hot and humid. I'm sure it's wonderful when the weather is just a little cooler. It was in the high 90's the whole time I was there.

As soon as I got back to Michigan I felt the nice cool air. A cool front had passed through and it was such a nice relief after hot, humid Virginia! I went out to the garden the next morning to check on progress. Things are growing so well. I harvested 5 zucchini, some more radishes, a green pepper and a couple cherry tomatoes. The onions are doing really well and are in various stages of flowering.

The tomatoes are doing well and now that we've had a few days of heat I have to get back out there and check on them. They should really take off now.

This year my zucchini is doing much better. I actually have blossoms and lots of baby zucchini.

The beans and lettuce are doing well too. The beans weren't quite big enough to harvest then but they probably are now.

Even my herbs are doing well. I bought a couple basil plants the other day and I'm going to take them out there too and put them in the ground.

It really was an absolutely gorgeous week here. Beautiful blue skies, no humidity, plenty of sunshine, perfect.

Saturday was the day the township decided we should celebrate the 4th of July. In the morning I went to the craft show with a friend then in the early afternoon we headed over to Mark & Cheryl's house for a bar-b-q and swimming. We were joined by some other friends and even Scott came over for a swim. The water was perfect and we really enjoyed our day. We stayed until almost midnight and enjoyed the fireworks display right from their backyard.
Here we are, floating around, so peaceful and nice.

We had so much fun on Saturday we decided to do it again on Sunday though we hadn't planned to stay for dinner but were FORCED to stay again! Those people are so forceful! We didn't stay quite as late that night, only until 8:30.

Today we hung around the house in the morning, trying to keep cool. It was in the mid 90's and the humidity has climbed way up there too. The weather man this morning said there was going to be a heat advisory. You know it's really hot when they do that. I haven't even taken the pups to the park the last couple days, it's just too hot. I worry that Zoe will have a heatstroke because she just won't stop once we get busy playing frisbee. The last few days have been hell for Charlie. The loud noises and booms have really driven him nuts. Pretty much after dark he refuses to go out so he's been waking me up early to hurry outside. I'm hoping the booming will be over soon so we can get back to semi-normal.

This afternoon H and I went to a movie. We hadn't done that since Christmas! We saw Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. It was action packed and had it's funny parts too.

Look at this little Firecracker!!

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend (or just weekend).


Amber said...

I noticed your ticker says you are visiting grandbaby in 23 days -- is that just wishful thinking or should we be expecting you?
Also your new layout looks cool but it's kinda messing up your header.

Deb said...

Well, if we come visit on July 28, isn't that 23 days from now? I know, the header is messing up. Can't have everything with blogger I guess.