Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Early Harvest

I went out to the garden this morning but before that, in an effort to beat the heat, I took the pups up to the field for a run. It was only 9:00 a.m. so it wasn't too hot yet but it didn't take long to wear them out. This is how I like them to look! Relaxed and tired!

Especially this one. Though for him to be really worn out I'll have to do it again this afternoon and I don't think that's gonna happen as it's in the high 90's and super humid.

I dropped them off and headed out to the garden. It has been almost a week since I'd been out there. I really should have gone on Sunday because look at what I found.

The broccoli is winding down, at least the two I've already harvested whole heads from. The other 3 plants don't look like they are going to form heads at all. Weird.

This head of lettuce is really good size. H bought these iceberg heads by accident but we decided to plant them anyway and they've done pretty well, at least this head has.

The green bean plants were loaded and I got a pretty good harvest.

And the zucchini, there were 11 of them with at least 5 being way oversized. Last Wednesday when I checked them they weren't even ready yet. Guess this heat has really helped them take off. Now I gotta get busy making some zucchini casserole and I think the rest I'll freeze for the dog's food. Zoe especially loves zucchini.

I couldn't stay long, maybe an hour, because it was just getting too hot. I did promise to come back Friday evening to help harvest for the farmer's market on Saturday morning. I think I'm gonna sign up for that gig too. It's gotta be easier than weeding, right??


Lynilu said...

I wanna come eat dinner at your house!!

Lynilu said...

Deb, I didn't find an email addy for you, so I'll leave a note here. I responded to your comment at my blog, wondering if you'd share the recipe or technique for your dog food. Please?

Anonymous said...

* cough * Update! * cough * We've got a whole list of tasks for when Mimi and H-Pa are here!!!