Sunday, April 18, 2010

Updates and Spring stuff...

So, yes, we are back from our nice Spring Break. We left Virginia around 9:00 last Saturday morning and figured we would just go back the way we came. I didn't have a very good map but we did have our good buddy, Aussie Garmin. About the time we were getting ready to head into the Pennsylvania mountains we saw a sign that said Interstate 68 - The National Freeway. I had a general idea of where it went but we had never been that way but decided to take a chance, figuring it couldn't be worse that those pesky Pennsylvania mountains. Aussie Garmin didn't like that route and kept trying to redirect us. The map I had wasn't too specific either but for just having a general idea we did pretty good. We even got off the Interstate for a while after West Virginia and took some scenic, winding State Roads. I love travelling that way. It really lets you look at how people live instead of just seeing walls and boring stuff. One town we went through in West Virginia went right through the middle of town and something I had never seen before. They lowered the speed, on the Interstate, to 40 mph through this section of town. It felt so weird!! The route took us south of PA into West Virginia and was really quite pleasant and not heavily traveled. While there were some nice hills and at time they got pretty steep, they didn't seem as curved as the ones through PA and the scenery was much prettier. Look at these lovely hills.

And the Redbud trees were in full bloom and lined the highway from time to time.

We ended up getting home around 8:30 that night which was pretty good time, at least as good as we made on the trip over and the sights were much nicer.

Sunday after we got home I walked around the yard and saw some sights of Spring right here in MI. My daffodils had bloomed while we were gone.

And so had the Hyacinths.

My peonies were also trying to come up and my roses had already sprouted. I had to hurry up and cut them back because they still had their winter dead wood on there. While I was out front trimming I spied this little fluff of what I thought was bunny fur and then noticed the ground moving a little.

Sure enough, a couple days later when I went to check, this is what I saw!

There are at least 4, maybe 5, couldn't tell for sure. They are right in the front yard in a flower bed and not hidden very well. I worried about them for several days. Worried that some stray dog or cat or worse would come along and ruin their bunny cuteness. This morning when H came in from getting the newspaper he informed me that the bunnies had flown the nest. It didn't look like there had been a struggle or anything bad had happened. I'm picturing Mama just leading them into the woods where they will now be safe. Yep, Spring has definitely sprung here in Michigan.

Not much else is new around here, little things here and there. H put the insurance back on the Mustang and took it out last weekend to "blow out the cobwebs" as he says. We also took it for a little ride yesterday but this weekend was too cool to put the top down. We had one beautiful day, Thursday, where the weather zoomed up to 80! It was wonderful and I decided that it would be a good day to take a "mental health" day from work. So I did. And it was wonderful. Loved it! Unfortunately the beautiful weather didn't last into the weekend. It was gray and chilly both days.

Thursday night was our first meeting at the Community Garden. Basically the Master Gardener just talked about what's new for this year, what we could plant now, what's going to happen this year. They have big plans. The deer fencing will be further away from the garden which will be great for me. One of my plots is on the end so the electric fencing was pretty close to me last year. Now I'll be able to get to my plot from 3 sides which will be nice. Howard and I went out to the garden today and I planted my onions and some potatoes, a couple lettuce plants and the only two broccoli plants that were left at the nursery. I'm hoping to get more soon. The rest of the plants will have to wait another month, at least a little closer to Memorial Day, but I'm getting excited!

Friday night was bowling and thankfully Bill was able to join us this week. We bowled pretty well the first game. I bowled a 176 that game and we ended up winning that one and bumping our points up pretty good. They won the second game, only by 7 though. They won the last one too, can't remember by how much, but not enough to take totals so we split the points, two each. We are in the top 5 but not sure exactly where. Next bowling is position night and that will decide where we end up. After that it will be one more bowling, Fun Night, and then it's over for this season.

I took the pups up to the high school field both days this weekend. They hadn't been since last Sunday so they were so excited to go. When we went last Sunday, thankfully I had them on leash because we had to park in the parking lot, across the street from the field, because just as we got on the grass Charlie spotted a deer that was sprinting across the soccer field. I watched it run behind the trees and off into the woods and thankfully, because Charlie has such a short memory, by the time we got to the field he had forgotten all about it!

In other news, Amber and Quinn had a tough week last week. It was the first week of Quinn's day care and well, let's just say, it wasn't perfect. She didn't sleep much and Amber said she seemed dazed at the end of the day when she picked her up (probably from lack of sleep). Thankfully by the end of the week things seemed to be going a little better.

Tyler seems to be in the final stages in finally getting this job in South Korea. He's been accepted for the position and is now just waiting for the Visa from the Korean government. He has been selling off his possessions since he can't take more with him than a couple suitcases. They are talking about a travel date of April 28, which is now under 2 weeks! Yikes!! What an exciting time for him. He's going to be getting his first job since graduation, moving to a foreign country, where he knows no one. Ok, when I say it that way it actually sounds a little scary. My baby going to a foreign country, where he knows NO ONE!! I better hurry up and update my passport, just in case. Seriously, we are so proud of you Tyler and excited for you. I just hope you keep in touch with us better than you have while you've been in Hawaii! And you've got to take some pictures! Promise!! Maybe you should start a blog! Just think about it.

Scott is getting ready to finish up his semester. He has finals this week and then he's done. He's been working every angle he can to figure out a way to move into his own apartment. Well, every angle except getting a full time job to pay for it. Guess he doesn't want to be too busy working to enjoy the place. We'll see what happens. Part of me wants him to move out because I think it will be a good experience for him. He's 21 after all and needs to see what it's like to be all grown up and take care of himself. The other part of me worries about him. With his diabetes I just worry that something will happen and no one will be there to help him. Things are better now that he has the pump but I still worry. Things happen. I'm trying not to worry but hey, it's what mother's do.

So, there's the update. Nothing much happening really, just life. But check back soon. You never know when something exciting WILL happen. It could happen any time, any day. Maybe tomorrow. Or the next day.

Have a good week!!


Amber said...

I would say 5 baby bunnies in your front yard is pretty darn exciting! How cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!!! Those baby bunnies are cute, but not as cute as that baby bunny from your Easter post!

Lynilu said...

"Nothing much happening really ..." Are you kidding me? LOL! What a wonderful, full post! I loved reading it, from bunnies to flowers to kids and grandkids!

Thanks for sharing!