Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just A Little Bit...

Just a little bit of Spring in the air this weekend.

You can feel it coming, even though in places in the back yard there is still a good 6-7 inches of melting snow. The sun was out both days and it was warm enough to only wear a sweatshirt to the park with the pups.

Friday afternoon we had conferences at school. I find myself thinking things like "this will be my last conference during the day (I can't say last conference since we still have some Tuesday evening). They went well and I was able to leave in plenty of time to get ready for bowling that night. Thank goodness Bill was able to come to bowling too! That always helps us and we were bowling the first place team so we really wanted to take some points (plus they are always talkin' trash so we wanted to beat them!). The first game we really sucked and they beat us by more than 100 pins and they were so smug about it too. They figured we were gonna be easy to beat so that pissed us off good. We came back the second game. Everyone bowled well (except for me; didn't get my average first or second game) so we took that game by 25 pins or so. Third game we all bowled well, even me, so we took that game too. We got two games, they got one and totals. We just couldn't come back from that first game when they got so many pins. I really wasn't happy with myself for bowling so badly the first two games. Just couldn't get my ball to curve or anything. We were happy to get two points though.

Other than taking the pups to the high school field both days I haven't gone anywhere else this weekend and it's been nice. It's been nice to putz around the house, do a few chores, read a little, just hang out. I made pizza for dinner Saturday night and I think I've finally mastered the art of the crust. I made three individual pizzas and they were pretty good. This one is H's.

I also tried making some beef jerky today but that was a failure. I either cooked it too long or the temp wasn't low enough. In the end they were just crunchy, salty beet sticks. Guess I'll have to try something different next time. Thankfully the meat I used was some skinny pieces from the beef we bought last year so I didn't waste some expensive cut or anything.

The pups really enjoyed their time outside today. They came home pretty wet from all the melting snow. It's pretty slushy out in the field but not muddy yet which was a bonus. The deep slush makes running hard though so they tired out pretty quickly.

Amber is finally over her infection and Quinn is over her cold and cough! Now that the weather is warming up in Virginia maybe they will be able to get out for walks soon.

Tyler is still on the hunt for a job and trying not to get discouraged. He's had a few interviews and handed out many resumes and filled out lots of applications but still no job so far. I know he's going to be feeling a time crunch pretty soon as he needs to make his rent money for next month. Keep looking Ty. Hopefully something good will happen soon.

Scott and Charlie hangin' out in the sunshine.

Zoe, checkin' out the squirrel action down below the deck.

Zoe, after the park.

This afternoon I was out on the deck enjoying the warm
sunshine for a few minutes when I heard this wonderful sound.

Can Spring be far away??

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