Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wet and Gray, Go Away!!!

We had a pretty decent week, weather-wise. It was warm enough to melt all the snow and I was able to put away the winter coat and get away with just a sweatshirt. We also had plenty of sunshine, though I was inside each day so didn't really get to enjoy it. It does feel like Spring is just around the corner though. It rained all day Saturday, we sprang forward and there was a little green coming up in the yard.

I'm still waiting for the "official" sign though, the first Robin. So far no luck there though I have seen the ducks return to the pond.

But we have had a few other exciting things happen around here. After much searching Tyler thinks he may be getting a job offer. It's been kind of whirl-wind process and it's not finalized yet but he's hoping things work out. If they do, he will be leaving for South Korea in a few weeks to teach Korean children how to speak English in either a private academy or a public school. He's applying through a recruiting firm so there are several different job opportunities. He's looking forward to learning a new culture and traveling. On the down-side, he will have to sign a contract for a year. I will really miss him and I hate the thought of not seeing him for a whole year. I'm trying to just focus on what a great experience and learning opportunity this will be for him and down play the whole away for a year part.

This week is our little sweetheart, Quinn, celebrated her 2 month milestone. Look how adorable she is!

Her little personality is starting to come out and she's a girl of many moods.

Amber says things are going better now that Quinn is starting to sleep longer at night and she's also taking more regularly scheduled naps. That can only be good for everyone concerned! I am wishing the next 3 weeks to fly by until it's time to visit her again. We simply cannot wait!! Amber posted an adorable video on her blog with Quinn sucking her thumb and then her fist and another of her cooing and we watch them several times a day. It's one way to feel like we are staying close to her and not missing any of these little milestones. We v-chatted with them this afternoon and she was so alert and happy. It's almost like being there, almost.

Today the rain finally stopped long enough to take the pups out. I was planning to go to the high school but when I got there a guy was there with a couple dogs so we went in search of another place. We finally ended up at an elementary school down the road but since things were so wet we opted for just running around instead of playing frisbee. I so love watching Zoe and Charlie just run flat out.

They play tag and bump each other, jockeying for position. They came back with wet legs and that yucky wet dog smell.

Nothing special going on this week, just getting through another week of work that brings us closer to Spring Break. We do have bowling Friday night but right now that seems so far away. One plus is the weather is supposed to be really nice this week with some sunshine and officially Spring is just a week away!

Have a great week!

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