Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring?

Quinn is looking like I am feeling! After an absolutely beautiful week here full of sunshine and warm temps, Spring sprang cold and gray just in time for the weekend. Of course, on Monday, when we all go back to work and school, it's supposed to be beautiful again!!

But I did see this at the park the other day so I know the real Spring can't be far behind.

The last week seemed endless, especially when I could see how gorgeous it was every time I passed a window but couldn't go outside to enjoy it. H was sick with a bad head cold so he spent a few days off work, trying to recuperate. I think he's finally turned the corner now and seems to be feeling better.

Friday night we had bowling but Bill had to work and H wasn't feeling up to going so it was up to Judy and me to carry the team. The good news was we were bowling the last place team. The bad news was we had to give them 124 pins! Yikes!! The first game was a struggle but we only lost by 13 pins. I, unfortunately, didn't quite bowl my average. If I had been able to do that we would have beat them. The second game was even worse as they ended up beating us by about 40+ pins so now they had us by a considerable amount of pins. Well, that just pissed us off so we really rallied that last game. Judy pushed it into high gear and bowled a 201! I, at least, got my average, plus a few pins and managed to squeak out a 148. We won that game and somehow, with just the two of us and our guys average (-10 each) we bowled an 800+ series, won the game and took totals! We were thrilled. We ended up splitting the 4 points so all and all we walked away happy! The next time we bowl will be on Good Friday and we will have a full team as Bill has the day off. Last night we were in 5th place but all the teams above us were just a point apart so we aren't too far out of first though it will be a long shot, I admit.

Even though it was freezing on Saturday I took the pups up to the high school field. They were so happy to get out. We played frisbee for a while and then I just took them on a walk from the soccer field over to the baseball fields. They so enjoyed running around smelling everything.

Today was nicer with the sun coming out around 1:00 so I took them out again. This time as soon as we got there Charlie took off again and didn't come back for quite a while. I was not happy. He stayed on the leash for a while, practicing walking, before I let him off again and then we played a little frisbee. They will be going to the groomers this week as they as very shaggy and getting stinky.

I've let them go 3 months this time instead of 2 in an effort to save a little money but they are really looking bad.

Tyler is celebrating his 25th birthday today. Last we heard he had been offered a teaching job in South Korea and was just awaiting his contract. Once he has that it's a done deal and it will just be a matter of getting his final papers together, purchasing his ticket and sometime around mid-April he will be on his way. Of course, nothing is final until he has that contract and it's been signed.

Amber has been enjoying getting out with Quinn much more now that the weather has improved and Quinn's a little older. She had a little setback when her infection in her incision returned last week. Hopefully it will be brought under control soon and go away once and for all! The most exciting news, for Amber and Andy at least, is Quinn has been sleeping through the night lately, from 9:30 until 7:30 or so in the morning. Of course, Amber still wakes up to check on her, to make sure she is still breathing, etc. She still doesn't always take a nap during the day but at least she is sleeping during the night! It's a good thing because Amber will be returning to work in a couple weeks now and will need her beauty sleep.

That's about all the news worth reporting around here. Oh, on Saturday morning I did see this guy slogging through the now melted pond. He joined two of his buddies for a quick game of tag but I was too slow turning the camera to video and missed it. It's odd to see them out here in the middle of the day. Since this pond is surrounded by houses I wonder where they went after they left the pond.

Have a good week and I hope the weather is nice where you are!

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