Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello Snow Day!

It finally arrived! The Snow Day everyone at work had been waiting for! I felt pretty sure it would happen yesterday. Although the weather predictors are often wrong, this just looked like The One! They had been predicting 6-10 inches pretty much all week. This morning the weather report for our area was between 7-8 inches.

The nice thing was we actually got the call last night around 10:30 instead of around 5:30 a.m. this morning like we usually do. That made it possible to just turn off the alarm last night and be able to sleep in this morning. The pups actually let me stay in bed until around 8:30! That's really late for them but they were enjoying their time snuggling up on the bed.

H stayed home today too. When the schools near his office are closed they close the office too. Of course he's still working. As long as we have electricity he's plugged in and plugging away. Right now though he's outside with his fancy snow blower clearing away the snow.

After waiting 20 years to finally buy one we've hardly used it at all. Isn't that always the way? I'm sure he's thankful about now that he has it though instead of having to shovel 8 inches of snow!

Amber & Andy are also getting another blast of winter in DC. They are expecting another 10-12 inches and the news was showing a white out at the White House. Amber called this morning and said the wind was really blowing. Andy's sister, Liz, is there visiting and her flight was cancelled. She's hoping to be able to get out tomorrow once the storm stops and the runways are cleared off. I'm hoping that will mean I won't have any trouble getting in on Saturday. I'm so looking forward to spending time with my sweet little Granddaughter again. Amber says she's had a couple fussy days. It's so hard to know what's wrong with them. Amber thinks it could be gas as she's pulling her legs up. Poor Baby!

The pups were watching H with interest, hoping they might be invited out to play too. When I took them out first thing this morning they were hopping around like bunnies because the snow was so deep, especially Zoe. She's a little shorter and the snow was almost up to her belly. I'm not sure if I'll make it out with them today or not. It's past noon and I'm still in my pj's!

Maybe I'll at least get out to fill up the birdfeeders. I'll have to look for my taller boots though if I'm gonna make it out there without getting snow in my socks!

Maybe someone would just be happy with a new batch of dog cookies!

Have a great day and if it's snowing where you are, stay warm and safe! I'm sure I'll be back to work tomorrow!


Lynilu said...

It's not snowing here .... yet. I'm getting another storm tonight, but hopefully it won't be an awful one. I gave away my snow blower when I left KC, and with this winter's snowfall, I'm wishing I hadn't. Could I borrow H and his snow blower? ;D

I'm glad you're getting to enjoy the snow day in your jammies.

Deb said...

I think you've had more snow this season than we have, Lynilu. I'm sure H would love a trip to NM. I did enjoy the day though I was a little lazier than I had planned. The only thing I really accomplished was baking the pups some treats. At least that's something. It was back to work today but I kept thinking it was Monday!! Guess I'll be so happy tomorrow when I finally realize it's Friday!!