Sunday, January 3, 2010


8... That's what my car thermometer thingy said yesterday afternoon at 4:00 when the pups and I were returning from a very brief session at the high school field!

The frisbees were hard and frozen (probably from sitting in my car overnight) and there were many stops and starts by the pups to pick the ice from between their toes! At least they were able to get a little fresh air but it was very little.

Some kind neighbor has used his snowblower to clean off this pond so the neighborhood kids can go ice skating, though I haven't seen any kids use it, yet!

I have used my new "Set It and Forget It" Crockpot twice now. Once to make some chili last week and then again yesterday to make a nice "pot" of chicken rice soup. It was much needed last night when the temp dropped to 3.

We spent much of the afternoon and evening taking down the tree and putting all the Christmas decorations away. On one trip down to the basement storage room I noticed water on the floor, heading to the floor drain (thankfully). A quick check of the water heater closet confirmed my suspicions of a leaky water heater. What a way to start off a new year. I spent the rest of the evening praying the stupid thing wouldn't burst and flood the basement. Thankfully this morning it was still a slow leak. By 9:00 H and Tyler were out the door on their way to Home Depot to purchase a new water heater. Thankfully Home Depot also rents trucks to transport said water heater at a minimal cost of $20.

It is now noon and all the water in the house has been turned off, all the pipes drained, the old water heater is being drained and will soon be removed. Then the fun really begins with installing the new one which includes the dreaded welding (or whatever you call it) of water pipes and praying for no leaks. Not sure when we will have our water back on. Hopefully in time for dinner and showers tonight since H and I have to go to work tomorrow. It's always something when you own a home. Always. I guess we were lucky the thing has lasted this long. It's probably original to the house which makes it about 18 years old? About a year ago I thought we had sprung a leak in it. But then I realized I had just turned on the basement sink, walked away, and left the dang thing running! Oops. Again, thanks to the floor drain the only damage was really the laminant countertop edging which soaked up water and popped off the outer edge. Could have been so much worse.

The sun was out yesterday and it's out again today. So even though it's still absolutely freezing outside, it isn't as depressing as absolutely freezing AND gray. We are supposed to have frigid temps for a week or two. It's January. It's January in Michigan and it will almost always be very cold.

Frigid temps go away, Zoe & Charlie want to go out and play!!

It's good to have all the Christmas stuff put away. Well, not put away because we can't use the storage room yet, but at least it's off the main floor and in the basement. It's feels good to get things cleared out and cleaned up. Maybe I'll have the dining room table cleaned off in the next few days. As soon as two certain someone's finish wrapping those Christmas presents.


Lynilu said...

I'm glad my cold temps don't leave me as much room to complain as yours do! This is already an unusually cold and snowy winter for what I've experienced since I've been here. Of course, if I didn't choose to live at 7000+ feet, it might not be so bad. I just tell myself this is preparing me to appreciate the spring and summer!

Anonymous said...

I think your countdown ticker is broken!