Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back to Reality...

I flew back to Michigan yesterday at about the same time Tyler was flying to Phoenix with a connecting flight to Honolulu. I flew back to gray skies (now raining today) and he flew back to glorious sunshine and warmth! I'd say he's definitely getting the better deal, weather wise!

It was hard to leave the new little family yesterday. Kissing that little bundle of joy goodbye was hard too.

Andy's parents arrived Friday night and it was nice visiting with them, even if only for a few hours, discussing our newest family member and all her cute facial expressions. I swear she is almost smiling though her Daddy keeps telling me "it's just gas". Mimi knows better!

They will be visiting them for a few days so Amber & Andy will still have a little help. By the time all the company that is coming leaves they will probably be thankful for the calm and quiet. The first few weeks are full of excitement but also exhausting.

Mommy and Quinn. (love this picture)

Granddaddy H, Amber, Quinn and Mimi

Proud Uncles Scott and Tyler

I snuck this headband on her during a nap. How cute is she??

Back here on the home front, the pups were overjoyed to see their main caretaker return home. They wiggled and whined for a good 15 minutes and then followed me from room to room for the rest of the day. They are still close by, though not quite as close, where they can keep at least one eye on me. Yesterday afternoon H and I took them to the high school field where Charlie has continued his newest annoying behavior: immediately running off the moment we get there. Oh, he comes back eventually but it's so annoying to be ignored when you ask him to come back! H was particularly annoyed at both Charlie and then me, for not being a better dog trainer, I assume. Guess we'll be working on our recall skills soon.

The evening was spent quietly, catching up on little things around the house and a little sleep. I tried to watch a couple shows I had recorded but kept falling asleep. Baby wrangling is tiring work!! Today I will try to catch up on a few more chores and try to get organized so I can return to work tomorrow.

This week I'm going to try to get a Dr.'s appointment. Two weeks ago at bowling the top of my left foot started hurting and it has only gotten worse since then. It feels as if I dropped a large can or something on the top of my foot (and no, I didn't), like it's bruised. Walking only aggravates it and since my job involves a lot of walking I think I need to find out what the heck is going on. Plus I'm tired of living on Advil 24/7. That's the only thing that makes it feel better. Some have speculated that I might have broken a small bone or something. Guess we will find out soon enough though I'm not sure what I will be able to do about that either! It's a pain, literally and figuratively, not to be able to walk properly and without pain.

Getting old is hell. I don't like it one little bit.


Nicole said...

Thanks for posting photos, Deb... Mommy's been a little busy to do that herself, so I've been sharing your blog with my family. Only two days until I get my first visit with the little pumpkin. I am giddy with excitement. :) hugs, Nic

Deb said...

You're welcome Nic. I know you'll enjoy your time there. It goes by so quickly. I'm already booked for my next trip, next month! Give Quinn a little smooch from Mimi! Have fun! xo