Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Final Countdown...

Progress has been made. The tree is decorated.

The stockings are hung.

The gifts are wrapped.

Tyler made it home with no problems.

The cookies are made. Some of them anyway. More are being made later.

Here's where my "helpers" were hanging out while the baking was going on. They found their little spot in the sunshine!

So while everyone was sleeping in this morning, except me and the pups, I was just looking at the tree, at all the ornaments and what some of them mean to us.

This is one of my favorites. It was a gift from H's former assistant (sadly she was laid off earlier this year) who has a sister who was President Bush's Navy nurse and when we were in Virginia for "THE WEDDING", she got us into a White House Tour. Then for Christmas the sisters gave us this beautiful ornament that commemorated a White House Wedding of years ago. So thoughtful and so pretty.

And of course I love the home-made ornaments. These are a few the kids made when they were little.

I think Scott made this one in second grade. Pretty easy but cute, craft stick, glove finger, paint, little scarf, cute.

Tyler made this one. Kindergarten, maybe first grade. Early skills.

Not sure which one made this one. One of the boys I think.

This is a very early one. It was made by Amber at just 2 years old.

I was making these little mice for everyone and she wanted to make her own.

Here's another home-made one. This was when I was into cross-stitch.

I made a bunch of these Santa's. This is one of 5 or 6. It's made on a stiff paper backing.

These picture ornaments are so cute too. This one is Amber at just 2 years old.

And the boys. Scott was about 5 or 6, Tyler 8 or 9.

This is the only family picture I have on the tree. A friend gave me the frame and we had just happened to have a family picture taken that year.

Then there are the ones that were gifts. This is an ornament my Mother gave me, probably the only one.

This is a beautiful ornament that Amber picked up for me when she was travelling in Europe right after college. I just love the blue and white Santa.

This is one of the many Avon pewter ornaments I have collected over the years. This is the 2009 ornament. I think I have them starting in 1993.

This was our special ornament from last year. I bought it on Christmas Eve in Hawaii. Merry Christmas in Hawaiian.

I've been remembering last Christmas a lot these past few days. It was such a wonderful trip. Such a nice family experience. So warm! I miss warm! And I miss my family who can't be here this year. Amber & Andy will be having a quiet Christmas at home this year. I can't really be too sad though because it's for such a good reason. The baby will be here soon. And boy are we gonna have some fun NEXT Christmas!!

I have been able to take the pups to the park for the last several days. The weather hasn't been too bad and the sun was actually out yesterday and today. There are a few inches of snow on the ground which makes it perfect weather for frisbee playing! They get so excited just driving there and can hardly contain themselves before I open the door and they can get out and run and play! I'm enjoying it while I can. Christmas Eve there are predictions of icey weather turning to rain on Christmas day so we won't be having much outside fun on those days.

Their 5 hour appointment at the groomers went well. At least they looked good. From the groomers I took them straight to the park since I figured they could use a good run after being worked on and then crated all that time! I'm not sure what the heck took her to long, considering there was only 1 dog in front of us! At least that's over for another couple months.

Charlie's vet appointment went fine too. No shots this time for which he was grateful, I'm sure. They did take blood for his heartworm test and squirted stuff up his nose but overall he didn't do too bad. The Dr. said he's looking better, gained some muscle mass though really only a couple pounds. He said to keep up the good work! Now if Charlie would only let the Dr. pet him. He let's him touch him once or twice and then he moves away!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve.


Lynilu said...

What enjoyable photos. Thanks for sharing them. And Merry Christmas to you and the family!

Anonymous said...

Great update! Looking forward to more pictures and postings throughout the holidays!!!

Deb said...

You're welcome Lynilu! Glad you enjoyed them. Merry Christmas to you too!

Thanks Anon. I've already taken some more photos of the gingerbread girls in their white bikinis!! Be ready!