Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Beautiful Weekend of 2008

That sounds so sad and yet it's true! This past weekend was gorgeous. The sun was shining, temperatures in the 70's, what more could you ask for. Yesterday I spent most of the day out in the yard, raking leaves and uncovering my flower beds. I also made a trip to the local nursery for a few plants for my pots and hanging baskets that were on sale. My new herb garden, small but sufficient with Italian parsley, rosemary and thyme. Zoe and Charlie were out on the deck enjoying the sunshine too! Howard spent part of yesterday repairing the door jam on the back deck where the door caught the wind and ripped the wood out. He spent his spare time helping me in the yard. I'm happy to report the beds are all cleaned out and things are coming up already. This morning when I woke up I was greeted with this lovely sight and sound:

They really are quite noisy this time of year. There were lots of visitors to the back yard this weekend. Lots of birds, turtles, geese, ducks, little boys with buckets asking permission to hunt for frogs. This afternoon Howard and I took the pups up to the high school field for some frisbee. Howard was throwing while I attempted to get some pictures. They are so darn fast it isn't an easy task. This probably would have been a great picture if I had zoomed out a bit. Apparently Charlie was mid-jump but I missed it!! I got these two though!

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