Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Official, Spring Has Sprung in Michigan

Even though the calendar said it was Spring a few weeks ago, it isn't official to me until this happens! Just listen!

This is what we hear every evening and night for the next few weeks. Every night when I go to bed I make sure the window is open, at least cracked so I can listen to this "night music". It was a beautiful weekend here in Michigan. Charlie couldn't stay off the deck! We ended up opening up both doors so he could move in and out freely. He was mostly out! He would come in to see what everyone was doing and then head back out to watch squirrels, birds, chipmunks and ducks. Zoe spent her fair share of time out there too. It wasn't what you would call warm exactly but it was in the low 60's which is warm to us! It was nice enough both days to take the dogs to the high school field. They got plenty of exercise this weekend. These critters were also in the back yard this weekend. Chuck the Woodchuck Our male resident duck. We even had this pretty sunset last night. As usual, the weekend is over too quickly and it's back to work and school tomorrow. And the good news is, I didn't hear about any snow in the forecast!

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