Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy 19th Birthday Scott!!

Well, the baby of the family had another one! His last year as a teenager too! The pictures that follow were taken over the 3 days of celebration! It lasted 3 days because he didn't stay home long enough to celebrate it all at once. Friday, his real birth date, he went to school and then went to visit some friends at Michigan State. When he got home on Saturday we were busy running around and he still had the lawn to mow so we finally got around to dinner out and opening his present (a new digital camera) that evening but then he went out again to a party with some friends (hence the fancy schmancy suit). On Sunday I finally got around to making the cake and fixing him another birthday dinner so that's why he had a 3 day celebration.
We are busy doing last minute things before we leave for Virginia on Wednesday. Tomorrow I will try to get last minute things done and it all packed up so we can leave bright and early Wednesday morning. We have decided that Howard and Scott will drive over, with all the shower gifts piled up in the back of his car, and I will fly. That way I will be there a little earlier and can make it to Amber's last fitting and learn how to bustle up her dress.
We are all getting so excited about the upcoming weekend and all the celebrations we plan to have and all the people we will get to see who we haven't seen in a while. Like Tyler, who we haven't seen in almost 9 months!! It should be a wonderful time and they are predicting good weather too which is a blessing since the wedding is outside, the ceremony anyway. Then the reception moves inside and onto a covered terrace.
I will be taking lots and lots of pictures and will share with my 3 faithful readers when I get back on Sunday! Everyone travel safe!!

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