Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Fall!!

Yes, the calendar says it's officially "Fall". Many of the signs have started to appear here in Michigan. The stores are full of apple cider, donuts, mums and pumpkins. The nights are cooler and some of the trees have even started to show signs of changing leaf color. But the days are beautiful, sunny and warm. Fall in Michigan is beautiful but so short! Before we know it the snow will be falling and so will the temperature! A few flowers are still blooming and will last until the first frost so I'm trying to enjoy them as long as possible.

Life is slowly getting back to normal. Howard and I have decided that we are suffering from a sort of "let down" now that the wedding is over. After all the wedding hoopla and plans and fun we are just back to our normal life. At least Howard is back to work. I'm still in limbo I guess. I did call the Dr. (vet) that I'm supposed to be working for last Monday when we returned. Then again on Wednesday since he didn't return my call. He must be really busy because he still hasn't called me back yet! I'm really trying to be patient and just count on starting sometime near the end of the month. When I go by the new office it doesn't seem to me like they will be in there any time soon though. So, I guess I'll try to wait a bit longer.
We spent a little time out in the yard this weekend since the weather was so nice. I bought a few mums to plant for a little Fall color. Zoe was enjoying being outside too!

Amber and Andrew should be getting back from the honeymoon soon, I think. With all the excitement I didn't really get a chance to ask them what their schedule was! I'm just assuming they will be going back to work tomorrow but since I haven't heard from them, maybe they decided to take two weeks for a honeymoon! I guess we will hear from them when we hear from them.

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