Thursday, June 21, 2007

Garage Sale Day, Over and Done!!

Well, I have survived another garage sale. I always forget how much work these things are. Putting your junk on display out in the garage sounds so easy. Yesterday I "remembered" I really only have one table to put all the junk on. A quick trip to a friend's house gained me another table. My goal was to open the garage door by 9:00 and I wasn't too far off. Around 9:10 I had most of the stuff out there, price tags on it and then moved the old patio set out into the yard. At 10:30, with $1.50 in my pocket and only two customers, I was ready to close the garage door and go inside and call it a day. I decided I would give it another hour or so, just till noon and then give up. Around 11:00 people started pouring in and I had sold the patio set and the big bin I used to put the cushions in. That was two out of three things sold that I really wanted to sell. The only other thing I really wanted to sell was our old freezer. Around 2:30 things started slowing down so I started packing up when, lo and behold, a man pulled up and said he would "take" the freezer!! He even paid me for it!! Woohoo!! All in all I made about $90 for all my great stuff that is now someone else's great stuff. I still have some stuff left but not enough for another sale any time soon. Guess I'll have to wait until next summer when I've had a chance to collect some more stuff I need to get rid of! I feel good since one of my summer projects is now over. I can now stop searching the house for things that I can live without and just be happy with the things I have.

This is a robin's nest way up under the eaves!

Blue Jay taking a bath.

My New Beta Fish

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