Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another Beautiful Weekend

It was another beautiful weekend here in Michigan. Perfect weather to be outside, leave the windows open, etc. Not much happening this weekend. We attended a Graduation Open House for a friend's daughter (Bill and Judy's daughter, Jill) where we caught up on all the news since we saw everyone last weekend at another Open House. This is the season. I don't know if other states do this, it wasn't done in Florida when I graduated, but here, it's high season for parties. Very few kids don't have an Open House. One friend I saw yesterday said she attended 4 in one day! That's too much cake and mostaccioli for me!! Both Amber and Tyler had an Open House but Scott didn't care for one. It was good and bad. I missed having one for him but it did save us all alot of stress and work, which if course, we would have gladly put ourselves through should he have wanted an Open House. He opted for a senior trip to NYC, bringing a friend along. Not too many of our friends still have kids in school, just a few and those kids have a few more years to go before they graduate.

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for Indiana. I'm going to visit a friend, Claire, who used to live here in Michigan and moved back close to where she grew up (in Chicago) about 6 years ago. We've stayed in touch and visit back and forth but it seems to get harder every year, people get busy, etc. I will stay a few days and we will catch up and have some fun. We are hoping to take the train into Chicago so that should be fun. I never get tired of going to Shedd's Aquarium or the Navy Pier. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!! Another oportunity to use my wonderful new camera!! Have a great week everyone!

Iris on the pond

Pretty petunia

Little squirrel sitting in the feeder (swing)

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