Sunday, February 4, 2007

Bitter Cold Weather!!

It's cold, really, really, cold!! I thought last week was cold but this past week and this weekend is the coldest weather I can remember having in Michigan since we've lived here!! It's been near zero for low's and high's for the past 2 days and the weatherman is saying we have a couple more to look forward to! And to think, it's supposed to be an early Spring according to Phil, the Groundhog. I hope it comes soon.

Tyler reports that it's a balmy 79 degrees in Honolulu right now. Guess we should plan ahead next year and head there. We are leaving for San Diego on Tuesday where the temps are at least in the 60's. Not exactly 80 but it's better than Zero!!

Waikiki Beach

The view from Tyler's balcony.
Amber's moving into her new place this weekend. Thankfully she doesn't have too much to move, just her bed, dresser, book case, clothes and some boxes. And it's not nearly as far as her last move from New York. This one is just a bit down the road.

Today was a good day to stay inside and cook/bake. I made some white chicken chili for Scott to eat while we are gone and some Oatmeal cookies to tide him over in the snack department. Now the day is gone and it's almost time to start dinner/snacks for the Superbowl. Go (fill in the blank because I don't really care)!! But for my friend, Claire, who's a Chicago girl, I will wish her Bears luck just because it will make her happy if they win. Go Bears!!

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