Monday, February 12, 2007

Back from Sunny and Warm San Diego

San Diego was beautiful! It wasn't as warm as we had hoped but it was much warmer than Michigan, that's for sure. People there were complaining about how cold it was but we didn't consider high 60's cold! Howard had to work the first two days we were there so I ventured out on my own. The first day I took a ferry over to Coronado Island and sat on the beach watching the surfers. There's just something about the Ocean that is beyond any comparison. Just listening and watching was enough. The beautiful El Coronado Hotel is always a sight to behold. The beach there always rates high in the Top Ten Beaches poll. I told Howard we should definitely retire here some day. Now if we can only come up with a million bucks as that's about what it takes to live there. Small homes sell for upwards of $500,000. Still, I'm going to work on that!! The next day I drove to the Birch Aquarium to check out their fish collection. The fish were so curious they would come right up to the glass. Check out those scary looking eels!! The view from the back deck of the Aquarium was spectacular. Friday Howard had to work until around noon so I headed back over to Coronado to check out the Dog Beach. Guess I was missing Zoe and I happened to luck out. I met a girl there who had a little Aussie of her own so I enjoyed watching her play frisbee and splash in the surf. Later that day Howard and I drove up to Carlsbad for more sightseeing and lunch in Del Mar. The little beach communities along the coast are so quaint.

Saturday was our day to sail on the America's Cup sail boat, Abracadabra. San Diego Bay was beautiful. It wasn't sunny but there was a strong breeze and the Abracadabra just flew along the water. Everyone who wants to can help sail the boat. Howard worked the grinders (which control the main sail) and we both had a chance to steer. Here's Howard telling me which was to go! We really enjoyed our 3 hour trip on the bay.

The skyline of San Diego is beautiful from any angle. It's really a beautiful area with so much to do. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a nice break from winter! We came up along side this guy while sailing. He is a local photographer and if you look closely you can see him steering the boat (yes, it's a boat) with his feet. Right foot on the throttle, left foot steering on the wheel!

This boat was also out on the bay that day. Our Captain came very close to it (on purpose) and then steered away. The Abracadabra was amazingly easy to steer and it felt like you were driving a car!
We had a wonderful time in San Diego and I hope we get to go back there again some day. There are still so many things we didn't have a chance to do. Maybe next time!

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♥ Elizabeth Fante ♥ said...

I like the picture of you and Howard sailing!! Very cute!